Friday, April 20, 2018


Person Variables = {M, N}
Supersets = {S(0), S(1)}
Limit Variable = L(P)
The Family Members of M(X) = {A (0, 1, … L(0))}
The Associates of M(X) is N(Y) is S(0) = {B (0, 1, … L(2))} for every {A (0, 1, … L(1))}
The Family Members of N(Y) is S(1) = {D (0, 1, … L(4))} for every {N(Y) (0, 1, … L(3))}
The integral of A, B, M(X), N(Y), S(0), S(1) is Called J and Defines an Integer Quantity Called C (Circles) 
This system can be defined mathematically, perfectly, and in terms of input variant computerization, needs a mathematician and a computer scientist. Can be expanded circuitously, build upon build of the basic skeleton system. Can function on partial information if mapped, mapping software will evolve into a more usable interface.

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