Friday, April 20, 2018

Customization Algorithm

1. Pay Attention (Harness What Is Necessary In Light of Is Being Thought At This Time And Everything I Need)
2. I Will Suggest What They Need
3. Is It True?
4. Response
5. Do It
6. Is It Correct?
7. Refine and Streamline
8. Harness Prior Processing and All Related Necessities
9. Complete Cross Error Check Subroutine Execute
10. Harness All Prior Data and Everything Necessary and Extrapolate Automation
11. Formulate Automation Plan
12. Streamline with Minimum Deficiencies and Safety Giving Psychological Profile and All Variables, Use in Anticipation of Customization Ease and Comfort and Satisfaction but Taking into Account God’s Plan for Humanity and His Goals and Situation in The World Cross Checking for Safety And Optimal Development (Universal)
13. Ask Question?
14. Is This What They Need?
15. Check Check Boxes
16. Universal Error Checking

1. The Customization Interface
2. Checklist Without Questions Sometimes
3. Checklist with Questions Sometimes
4. Joke Checkboxes, With Must Check or Lie
5. Read Thoughts and Other, Further Taps in When Necessary, Goal of Linear Integration with Mind
6. Automate, Streamline, Harness Prior
7. The Computer Will Be Questioned When Dick

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