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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Do Business With Him To Make Me Money But Avital Is In Charge

Air Clean Company, Inc.
Subject: Letter on Expansion, Growth and Consultancy
To:  Consulting Departments, M&A Departments, Growth and Consultancy Departments, Business Partnerships Departments
From: Gabriel Levi Drucker, Production Manager and Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer (Alexander Drucker) at Air Clean Company.
The primary purpose of this letter is to open a dialog and to create a mutually beneficial, expansion and growth centered relationship between our two companies. Increasing prosperity for our two firms can only be attained through a slow, properly paced cooperative efforts with the CEO and Vice President Avital Drucker. ACC has great potential in terms of growth through the talent of its associates and leadership and small size. The CEO and Vice President have little extra-industry comfort and exposure in terms of consultancy and guidance and are in need of advice and information and it would benefit greatly from a plethora of companies advising it. A policy of acclimation and education for the Vice President and CEO is the only proper, constructive, wise and safe course of action.
The CEO is widely considered, throughout the Electrostatic Precipitator manufacturing and Air Pollution Control industry, as the most innovative, creative, industrious and intelligent men managing an Air Pollution control company and consistently been regarded as such throughout his career. But staffing and basic corporate functions (including expansion), beside the core functioning of a company, and what is learned and told, need attention.
Upon receiving this, high level executives of all parties willing to participate should form a plan and schedule for the fair expansion of ACC and its partners and prospective partners. It is safe to say that the prosocial effects of future ventures will expand scientific knowledge and will merely start with Air Pollution Control. We wish for a stable, consistent line of communication for all those interested. Stable and consistent communication will best be accomplished based on initial contact and an automated prioritization and interconnected coordination (toward consensus integration parameters), reminders and outreach system with event listeners based in problem solving between all firms involved. With respect to universities and research and development concerns the following is necessary: A research priority assignment and upkeeping reminding and guidance algorithm(s) with human and AI entity assignment of tasks and tasks guidance automation which expands in scope and appropriate in safety and sanity.
We look forward to hearing your feedback.
Avital Drucker
Vice President
(732) 678-7120

Alexander Drucker
Chief Executive Officer
(908) 355-1515

Melisa Drucker
Chief Operating Officer
(347) 733-1617

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