Saturday, April 14, 2018

Education, Media and Artistic Reform and Strategy of Dissemination

Fracturing a monolith, based on antisocial thought and values, hidden from overt analysis to use superficiality and fear, of drudgery, manipulation and endlessly roundabout slowly tightening noose with no attention to the future matter in contracting sphere/circle, to create an endless dialogue to perpetuate distracting from reverent and faithful and God and love filled, objectively rightly direction of coverage. Integrate the factors, and rewrite the basis of coverage in news and the creation of shows and media content including music, to collide and subject them to the Holy precepts and excising the inverted precepts and this can be done by God’s intercession and also by using the brightest of media and music and art. Ages of past must be harvested and put in a Godly program that accepts, rejects and integrates bits of culture and media method and integrates and then spells out progressive rules and dictation and daily, hourly and yearly tasks, and tasks for all mankind in eternity. The overt manipulations and set-ups are not something we can afford in fear and spoon feeding, and sloth and other sin, view it and move on and give a constant indicator of progress and give feedback to move stories along, and give the better the voice and the less less voice because deviating from this causes harm, startling and offensiveness, misdirection and ill-following with the effect of ill-flowing message and belief permeation. Dissecting a piece of news, and of all media figures, must be mapped, and this is media companies first priority, ratings and participation and revenue expanded and breadth and sway and influence and eminence and magnanimity. Moral and productivity to any industry that falls in these methods. The answer, is education and science and preaching and religion take hold, and permeated and emanated and disseminated, go to the heads of science and education. A system of verified repressed and open saints and prophets, and writers and musicians and artists need to share, strategically, programmatically and by asking, their work all over the globe, this applies to all I populate my mind and distinctions with. Generally teaching and a story bouncing from side to side and then obsession is probably widespread corporate enabled, and society enabled and desire pathology. Perfect building learning, earning and persuasion when it comes to stories and coverage necessitates and calls for fundamental but surmountable reform and paradigm mental and sociological and mathematically and spiritual based reexamination of protocol and the constriction and release, leniency, relaxation/expansion of it, within wise rules, also neglect of it, in parts/pieces decided, and experimental letting of it go on in perpetuity.

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