Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Formality Evolution

Evil converts to virtue therefore virtue>sin, therefore sin exists

Evil has subgroups and spawn as does mental illness

The = of operators and symbols must occur as they are equivalencies they have units and it will proof axioms and stabilize math, formalize it, they are constants and will relate to the natural exponent, and energy is relate to e. The artificial constant is related to planks constant and is evident in the study of antimatter, but the artificial is also natural but interventional as is dark matter as it is inherently unstable as is the case with dark energy which is a conversion mechanism. Uniting artificial with natural is a big step, remember artificial is interventional, relates to the time travel paradigm and makes it fluidly non-fluid. Operators are a subtype of constants and also a supertype and function as a set in certain circumstances. Create symbols then proofs with every logical proving of text mathematics in English and every language. Chinese is second, English first. Currencies can be analysed in patterns in historic variables. Jesus quite frankly needed to express anger, but knowledge is supreme. That's why he could not feel guilt because he didn't have to. Contour group qualities relate to curse words.

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