Sunday, April 15, 2018

Information Physics

The packets/particles can be used to elevate people and organizations and inform and discover new types of virtuous acts, subtyped, oppression. It can expand scale of good, hold weight, in subtype designation of good scale, vise versa when it comes to evil. More data and separation and integration, but conductivity (or other forms of physically and virtually observed attraction, forces, types included, not as an alternative as of this time) of derivatives is a method, with integration and grouping/groups following or simultaneous of particle/packets arrangements (general to everything). Derivation and integration methods need to be funded so everything in one system, I know one, three men, of such a mind. Particle behavior and quarks and strings will help. Remember when people used to say theoretical physics is a waste of time, I don't either. Breaking everything down to particles, bits, packets and essentially strings and mathematically integrating everything will yield the essence of judgement day. But derivative scales/variant scales will exist with one or two or perhaps a low number of preeminent scales will exist. If you got the dough, profit, hey this is America.
Text analysis into variables idea can pick up immoral actions to be extrapolated given historical data or current plots, subtyping harnessed, on internet, roundtable bragging or narcissism in anticipation, packet/particle behavior as seen in CERN as basis, lengthy tie to subtype of criminality subtypes, criminality subtypes packet interflow and reaction to other particle/packet behavior, of virtue particle/packet behavior (patterns as the utmost simplification) and all types including (subtypes, crime subtyping a urgent priority), reverse time around signals when things boil or come to step fruition. Packet analysis a urgent priority, and description of propensities and in all ways physics based descriptions. The best people to study this NSA, CIA, FBI, DOD, DOEn, DOEd. Subtype all packet/underlying behavior (also groups, a subtyping of groups themselves a task) and interactions, tie to general and specific as possible criminality and evil and crime subtypes, generalize from that point, there might be possibly, multiple points of generalization, throughout this whole project/paper and extending, as always, into other segments of the universal model.
With respect to the packets/particles idea, a place (geographical or in general) of density and behavior is investigatively interesting and relevant

Assigning values of the natural exponent (broken down) to a correlative superset list and correlating the two will yield interesting results, expansion should be tested

Dark matter is related to evil and conversion and dark particles and energy to inconceivable through the manifestation of evil.

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