Sunday, April 15, 2018

Learning Poem with Theories

I have been possessed so much that I have conditioned myself to do it for self-correction to increase the integrity of my soul, and all betterment, recoiled from evil and strengthened and weakened my conscience properly it has become automated through the aid of all good essence in the cosmos guiding me. This has led me to passion, ecstasy and righteous pride, and exposed the cowardice of Satan, made me read the signs and wonders of all feeding essence. All at the direction and purity and supremacy and glory but gentleness and love of the father, justice and mercy and temperance and clarity guilt upon suffering and the ecstasy of knowledge and learning, and the concreteness. There is a righteous grandiosity which is not pathological in the slightest, examples are Warren Buffett, William Henry Gate IIII, Barack Obama, George Walker Bush, Constantine, Richard The Lionheart, William the Conqueror, Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, St. Peter, Pope Gregory, Julius Caesar, Dwight Eisenhower (manipulated by Richard Nixon, diagnosis unknown) oppressed by mechanization in persons or technology. This sort of grandiosity or pseudo or alternative megalomania (without any psychological features or tendencies that are pathological) might paradoxically have some characteristics of pathological grandiosity due to unknown forces but primarily due to corruption of integrity or a benevolent personality that is loving and humane, and often accompanied by submission and living for life and obeying God because the writer's opinion is that you live for life and obey God to live. Love is not a plateau, you can love your wife in many ways, all ways but love someone else in some ways more than you wife, because it is not flatland.

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