Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Answers

Word on the street is the drug companies have an anti-antisocial drug that makes you more holy, it takes several and you have to know the right person to get it, but it reverses the irreversible and makes you solve your problems and makes you meek, it makes you happy and is not particularly addictive, it is derived from a wide variety of drugs and was long developed in secret and makes you love and love love and peace and virtue. It is not all our faults and some of the stuff done through all of this to our our beings cannot be reversed without drugs, it is impossible and that is good, drugs are good and there is a reason people enjoy them, but I personally do not touch the illicit, up to you. It is like asking gay people not to be gay. But remember sin is real and it is the problem objectively and a lack of virtue secondly, but a lack of virtue makes you sin.

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