Sunday, April 15, 2018

Outline for the Prioritization of Change of Social Issues

Outline for the Prioritization of Change of Social Issues
1. Introduction and Problem
a. Chorus Introduction
i. I have an idea that only the Church's bravery, wisdom, guidance and fear can solve
b. Personal Description
i. I am a poet by trade but I have some mathematical training, so I will speak to you in poetry
c. Pleas and Foundation
i. I need to take up much of your time because of humbly the Will as I believe it and evil and the afflicted, and that what is spoken is not of the light's fullness
d. Prologue
e. Many days ago I sought out with some difficulty a list of social issues (which are really afflictions and they are called by other names)
f. I found an encyclopedia which was expensive but available online due to the blessing of the brave
g. There are many problems and afflictions called social issues
2. Idea Description
a. I have a list of social issues and we need to prioritize them completely in serve to God and his will
b. We must create a unnamed numerical system
c. This must be by volunteers who are of holy selection, under the supervision of the Father the holy precepts bound by fear and obedience
d. Factors of the Numerical System
i. Organization, with priorities
ii. Integration, a sequential logical framework
iii. Democratic strategy, which is free flowing with militaristic influences
iv. Make clear (goal) that everything is interrelated because of the brilliance and integration, consistency and all-inclusiveness of God's wisest brilliant mind
v. Create more worship, prediction that each and every step will along with fear, knowledge and new things that are crucial as well as the appreciation and uplifting of the old, praise to the church
vi. Sequence, hierarchy, safety, prudence restraint
vii. Patterns, logic
viii. Strict hierarchy that is democratic
ix. Autoactivate words like Holy that used to inspire ecstasy
x. Rewording speech through they intercession of God's selflessness
xi. Database of Problems and Angels to Call Upon
3. Prayers
a. divine
b. hallowed
c. humble
d. pure
e. revered
f. righteous
g. spiritual
h. sublime
i. believing
j. clean
k. devotional
l. faithful
m. good
n. innocent
o. moral
p. perfect
q. upright
r. angelic
s. blessed
t. chaste
u. consecrated
v. dedicated
w. devoted
x. devout
y. faultless
z. glorified
aa. god-fearing
bb. godlike
cc. godly
dd. immaculate
ee. just
ff. messianic
gg. pietistic
hh. pious
ii. prayerful
jj. reverent
kk. sacrosanct
ll. sainted
mm. saint like
nn. saintly
oo. sanctified
pp. seraphic
qq. spotless
rr. uncorrupt
ss. undefiled
tt. untainted
uu. unworldly
vv. venerable
ww. venerated
xx. Virtuous

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