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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Peace Plan

1. Integrated Into
a. Technology
b. Pharmaceutical
c. Financial
d. Defense
Integrate into 6 using common interests
In doing so reduce corruption by mathematically inverting social problems using biblical precepts defined mathematically perfectly
o Must done by prioritizing using the nature of social problems and factoring in severity and complete nature/definition description of said social problems
Will look like a two column list when all calculations are done and mathematical integration complete in calculating prioritization
Must be done safely and Holy, Godly and Morally
Levite corporation will be feed by the 4 and 6 agencies in every country that has participated
Levite corporation will overtake each government and dictate all activity
A central processing station for all servers will be located in Colorado at an undisclosed location
Levite corporation will be regarded as 1
It will be disseminated that 6 (Conglomerated and Integrated Governmental Agency Number) + 4 (Conglomerated and Integrated Corporation Entity Number) + 1 (Levite Corporation) = 11
All intermediation not capable among humans will be dictated by Yahweh-Jehovah
All activity is dictated and planned by Yahweh-Jehovah (In Entirety and Omnipotent Granted Authority and Omnipotence and By Constitution and Non-Comparativeness and Uniqueness),  Jesus Christ (By Executive Powers and Authority and As The Anointed One) and Simeon-Yahweh (As Ruling Global King and God on Earth)

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