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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Plan for Levites

Stage 1: Buy dollars and other currency with supply of commodities
CB (t) = Commodities bought at time t
PC (t) = Proceeds of commodities sale at time t
AA = a process of nullification of dollars by way of the loss of dollars, through options and derivative products, exotic instruments and selective funding of public works and charity
DC (T) = a running total of PC (t)
Stage 2: Slowly soak up M2, by building store houses of commodities (primarily metals) that are of the amount of PC (t), at time t
MG (t) = M2 (t) - PC (t) are an iterative function with respect to time
T = total time since beginning of deployment of method t (Current) – t (1)
(M2 (T) – PC(T)) / M2(T) = R (T)
Disbursements of DC (t) will be broken down into subtypes for various types of activities and needs (to bring paradise), for Heaven on earth, and the decrease in sin and the earning and instilment of virtue
F(t) will start at 1 and increase (and strategically decrease at times) with time an initially accelerate quite a bit and according to the funding or withdrawal of money with regard to subtype causes (to bring paradise), but will reach a point that is optimal and will progress much in the way it was progressing before through its behavior dictated by the subtype dictated allocation of funds (to bring paradise) by lessening sin, spreading love and promoting virtue, happiness, peace and growth and everything that comes from the father’s edict that suffering and knowledge are supreme but joy Is as well. The rightful value if F is extremely complex and should be every economist focus along with integrating all this into my other ideas.
Signed W, my favorite letter in childhood, yes, W is exquisite

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