Friday, April 20, 2018

Power Equation

The power equation (general) related to money (process) can be formulated through the integration of the time variables. The trend in an individual or group can be graphed and regression can be used.

In the absence of sin, the presence and redemption (near curtailed and absolute intersectory  asymptotic) with respect to sin, and the love of virtue, good and holiness is defined as defined holy power. Sinlessness has the property of near curtailed and absolute intersectory asymptotic power to intersect the baseline with the asymptote in time and cooperation all good things and interdependence. Obedience and the seven virtues and the mathematically defined seven anti-concept seven sins play a role. Time is both asymptotically intersective and linear on a integratively creation level, but it has no degeneration so how can it be asymptotic, its fall and interruption is negatively sloped and asymptotic in derivative, partial if necessary in study. Why is it non-degenerative because virtue>sin. Sustained through holiness. Disease has subtypes which is a partial derivative and do to choice and related to the abominable spirit and the evil spirit and the Holy Spirit and God her husband. Blasphemy against the holy spirit is unforgivable and permanently crippling, it has never happened, but asymptotes. It is not changing but it is reflected in true contradiction of the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, or true sinful abuse of the Holy Spirit that is a property of all women. Passion drives creation and a force and a spirit and all love has passion. Ecstasy is the relief and sustaining of love holiness and good, it is it's intrinsic expression and a physical emotional and being process related. Ecstasy is apart from love it it proportionality and definition to it but they are related absolutely. Ecstasy is supportive and transformatory and Ecstasy spirit drives the correction of sin of all and leaders, but emptiness and desperation with no hope is its opposite. And it does in fact trickle down and feedback, trickle up as in capitalism and socialism related.

The long term, life term (planned), effects of commercialization and mechanization cause dementia, which is cynically profitable in its own right

Socioeconomic and power pattern analysis in terms of marriage, friendships and mental makeup/health. There are dimensions of power as there are dimensions of most things that bind together in equation.

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