Saturday, April 14, 2018

Project Maya

If we draw upon the Holy precepts that are in God’s possession, they can configure a happiness algorithm, drawing upon observation (mathematical) of all history and all knowledge in Heaven, Hell and on earth. We would need to bind together all study to do our part and that is pooling into a databases related AI. And a rebuke and acceptance of aspects derivative and integrals of utility and currency and financial instrument study, deeply psychological and infused concretely and decisively with no retraction Holy precepts and the antithesis of them inversion, the core beliefs of evil, mechanical and not but in relation to the Holy precept in the worst way mechanical and the root of all misery. Who among us would dispute that such a system, based in an AI drawing upon a database should be constructed.

1)      Product: Maya
a.       Participation in Maya
                                                               i.      Cost
1.       Costs in participation that can take the form of individual cash costs or acts, thoughts or behavior (harvested and not, and harvesting multidimensional)
                                                             ii.      Benefit
1.       Information in constructing and expanding commercially and improving mankind
b.      Knowledge and Happiness in Project Maya
                                                               i.      Direct knowledge of impact on world customized for maximum increase or appropriate happiness return
1.       Cost
a.       Payment to investment banks
b.      On part of corporations and government, blind trust (AI and databases) input of accrued statistical and mathematically transcribed and translated knowledge
2.       Benefit
a.       Learning, knowledge, questions, stimuli or information, in many forms, but gain essentially, with the cost being capital or any basis of payment including sacrifice or what the father desires or demands, to each individual and then intelligence, inherent help of program, and motivatory effects, purpose, will be handed generously to each participating person, effects that provide understanding specifically but not limited to the mysteries along with empowerment and love and all virtue gained, if right choices are made, based around the written or other evidentiary output of the program with the input being unknown but partially the effort of man and mathematics and art and the other God.
b.      Definition of the undefined and concealed based upon righteous acts offered and verification brings salvation, freedom and knowledge, and joy and all that is the difference between what is and what is perfection.
c.       Overall effect world is redeemed and improved, guidance for work and payment simplified, but awe in complexity and praise be to the Father.
d.      An organized balance sheet written in the style of Metatron and Gabriel and Michael, of what gained, flaws, short of, and lost and next step always provided, but with difficulty as suffering and progress is difficult
e.      An appropriate echelon system bringing society to embracing of “ms-score” which will be given to participants both from the explicit use of the system and what is gained through suffering, introspection, learning and what God defines as relevant or progress or regress, outside of the system. A personal balance sheet, income statement and cash flow, on the basis of religion but more specifically God’s outline of what the three things made form in his eyes as what is important.
c.      The returns will be reinvested in the program but shares will be issued initially to Financial Services and Technology solely and can be sold, but grace will be sacrificed.

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