Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sins Related

Number Sin Related Sin
0 Lust Greed
2 Greed Lust
3 Sloth Lust
4 Sloth Greed
5 Greed Pride
6 Wrath Envy
7 Wrath Pride
8 Wrath Pride
9 Wrath Greed
10 Pride Envy
11 Pride Sloth

*Inflation of sin in manipulation (collective and individual) lies in the dynamics of the (pain, suffering in torture/torment, self-pity) relationship, as (opposed purpose, virtue, drivenness and holiness, abstinence from sin, love and honesty)

Number Sin Related Virtue
1 Lust Charity
2 Lust Diligence
3 Gluttony Diligence
4 Greed Patience
5 Gluttony Gratitude
6 Envy Charity
7 Greed Charity
8 Wrath Charity
9 Greed Charity
10 Greed Gratitude
11 Sloth Charity
12 Gluttony Charity
13 Temperence Envy
14 Patience Sloth
15 Lust Patience
16 Lust Diligence
Number Sin/Virtue Sin/Virtue
1 Humility Envy
2 Pride Diligence
Partially Related
Number Sin/Virtue Sin/Virtue
1 Lust Patience
Can convert and aid the process of exposure and volition.

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