Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Dark Ones

The abominable spirit basically pushes people to sin but the evil spirit inflates faults and promotes “weakness” the have to be corrected through torture and they share ideas and work together and abomination (the entity) and evil (the entity) are mainly executives, the abominable spirit is responsible for drug addiction and perversion and evil spirit is responsibly for dangerousness and a loss of empathy and selfishness. And with mankind as their hosts they can carry out perfect manipulation with information, access and intelligence and often misgained and misinterpreted knowledge which results in perfect akathisia and idiotic plans and self deception at all levels, subconscious and conscious through every dimension of everything.

Integral union instersection evil spirit lower abominable spirit upper root of all evil, transformation is abomintable evil = no pity leads to exclusion of pain and due to self-pity partial derivative

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