Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Theoretical Computer System

Computer System
1. All Un-Hackable
2. Establish Hierarchy of Computer Terminals
a. Spectrum of Power from Bottom to Top
i. Top Designated Priority and Power is Designated and Numerically Classified (1-Number of Terminals)
1. Reinforce Power of Every Terminal
2. Constant Algorithmic Computerized and Human Audits but Mainly By Extremely Brave AI
a. Audits Essentially
3. Customized Interfaced for Each Numerically Classified Terminal
4. Cross Checking of Follow Through (Spectrum & Full/Degrees) & Execution (Spectrum & Full/Degrees) of Commands Up the Ladder
a. Strict Authority Clearance (Computerized and Automated but Humanly Controlled and Drafted, Pattern Finding Algorithms Used by Utilizing Historical Data, Which Logging for is Extremely Extensive for Every Possible Variable) for Every Decision
i. The Bottom to Top but Appeals By Those That Have Their Executions of Commands Denied By Humanly Controlled Rejections of Will (Historical Data Analyzed)

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