Friday, April 6, 2018

Time Travel Dynamics

Each dot interconnected with the other in every possible combinations. Each dot is connected to every other dot. As many dots as there are in total that is the connections (arrows) to each dot. The introduction of a new time placed dot is the predication for time travel and Godly interference, thus matter can be created and destroyed. The matrix of a static point in time with each iota second carrying a new matrix with it with all the matrices connected discretely, by choice and of time.

The Wicked are the perpetrators of all sin although the underlying variable that represents their effect and level of sin is volatile based on choice and predilected sovereign establishment of mind. I call them they.

Plainly put it is your separation genetically, neurologically, soul wise, and in terms of collective consciousness from God, in terms of similarity. Because their are either good Nazis or bad ones. And a spectrum. But hurting he who has the most power losses unless it is not given to him by God for deep seeing virtue and the knowledge of sin which is only God's. Good and bad introductions of choice and people are nodes/dots. Manipulation puts the evil choices in your favor, however the motivation lies.

The perpetuity of time (the partial integral of moment time, iota time) includes God as the foremost maker of that which is contradictory to moment and includes perpetuity physics, knowledge and mathematics. Energy is particles with momentum but interacts with condensed matter which is converted energy made form by the right of the integral of man’s choices (events). But led by God. Time = integral events), events are physical and mathematical matrices with energy joining the two.

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