Saturday, April 14, 2018

Treatise Educational Reforms and Ideas

1) Algorithmically accrue all curriculums that are published and unpublished and integrate them into a an AI linked database, expand given the following rest of this document, (and all test scores and physically observable and unobservable data that is predicted or not predicted data in the course of all history and educational history) and use machine learning to analyze what utility (creating as fine-grained utility definitions as possible, and launch new research into this) they have, based on an example of subtype/echeloned geniuses that are morally outstanding individuals (using Holy Precepts and spiritual and psychological variables, using/compiling  profiles based on student study and dropout study, as a standard in evaluating such people, as they are the standard and stack high to low everyone having a score “eh-score” that is two dimensional from my initial analysis) and have this empirically proven through mathematics and extrapolations and simulations that this is the ideal, in looking at education that came close to this replicating this model in history, monasteries and special education are a good starting point and generally integrating the two with community colleges and prestigious universities of certain locations is a good idea. And pay close attention (programmatically automated) that certain students based on past data on the course of their careers that did not receive treatment in line with Holy precepts and with spectrum deviance from the former defined, that they did not benefit society, creation and themselves enough, and this created chaos, defined mathematically.
2) The eh-score will be finely grained defined and expanded into as many dimensions as necessary, and then and gradually contraction will occur, given funds and study
3) Reallocation of funding should occur to fund those with high eh-score (but they are demanded, or groups of so, to quell un-charity and elitism and to promote righteous suffering) transferring whatever phenomenon that made them so and other related phenomenon, to who are deserving of an increasing eh-scores. Using historical data and an ever-expanding databases and AI, and all programs and algorithms, guide individual and group investment and trigger stimuli and behavior and guidance of any variable definition, to those that are promising, in ascension in eh-score and echelons.
4) In the AI, a dimension of it should include teacher picking and class picking and progressive evaluation of teachers and class evaluation using the interlocking of teacher variables, student variables, and variables related to physics, nature, chemistry, economics, and interpersonal, spiritual, sociological and psychological variables, the collective of all variables possibly definable (spread to entire document), psychological profiles of society, and society variables of history (all possible) and the world (all of which themselves are systems of equations and matrices), will be integrated into the base software which is heavily or completely AI in accessing scope. The trajectory of a teacher or of a teacher under certain situations can be predicted and their treatment should be anticipated, and their treatment dictated beforehand should be partially based in extrapolations. And students properly manipulated given strengths, weakness or other phenomena will be subjected to certain situations with certain peers, teachers, etc. Also, law enforcement implications are naturally integratable and this whole model can be applied to prisons and throughout government and the corporate world. But all the equations must be controlled statistically and essentially perfect.
5) Charity and virtuous and sin averse acts and students are of a high echelon as it is perfectly defined and holy in conformity with God’s wants of the educational system. The more you are in line with God and his vision and plan the smarter you are if you do what he says, problem takes care of itself.

Previous Version of Above Document:
1. Introducing curriculums through expansion of staff and budget and compiling a massive repository of them, broken down mathematically by AI's and using pro-social machine learning, expansion and contraction, that functions off moral precepts
2. Algorithm based spiritual psychological model based educational solution that are empirically proven
3. Cost augmentation based on empirical models of equality and erasable disabilities, re-allocation based on extrapolations of non-manipulated and manipulation-free projection algorithms, along with this class and school and teacher based selection/suggestion by computers based on inputted data necessary to accomplish this task programmatically, includes psychological, spiritual and behavioral variable systems and matrices
4. Morally Pseudo-Darwinian preference capital allocation models, to cultivate genius and actualize purpose driven ascension, of special individuals but generalized for all students

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