Friday, April 20, 2018

Unrealistic Ideas

The Whole World Looks at The Questions on There Screen and Checkboxes with Number at Left and Number Can Be Changed and That Change/Difference Will Be Logged God Listens, Google Logs All Thoughts and Phenomenon in Computers That Are Being Used in The Process, And People Will Speak Out Loud and Think as They Do There Work, Google Will Head This Project With Amazon.
Microsoft Will Keep Logs of Final Output and Analyze with Pattern Find Algorithms and Neural Networks with Isaac Newton (And Build Neural Network Definitions with Edward Witten)
Oracle Will Write Better Analyzing Code and Tie Together
Edward Witten Will Integrate and Define with Physics
Facebook will Manage People Profiles for Social Order and Reassurance and Teaching
J.P. Morgan Will Punish and Reward with Money and Treatment
Rule: One Question at A Time
God Answers the Question and Pontificates
Metatron Perfects the Checkboxes and Writes Them but Has Help from The Computer as The Computer Guides Him and Answers Him Questions and He Speaks and The Computer Speaks
They Are Checked by The Holy Spirit in A Perfect Order
And Gabriel Develops the Order of The Checkboxes
Michael Ascribes and Describes Measures of Accuracy of Gabriel’s Order and Re-Does the Order of The Checkboxes and They Pass It Back and Forth Until It Is Done and They All Listen to God.
Military Will Occupy Facebook Under Raphael’s Command

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