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Vs-score 1) A measure of good and evil and a person’s “level” or vs-score can be determined by their intrinsic ability or potential to have a worsening or bettering of social problems (see link below) and their actual effect. 2) Potential can be ascribed by checklists or fine-grained measures of positive (also virtue) or holy qualities and negative (also sin) or evil qualities. This can also be done at a point in time combined with economics and utility calculations, and their effect on others checklists or intuitions or groups (using combining mathematics), and factoring (1) 3) vs-score should be based on my scale of good in part, factor, and an inverted scale which measures normal evil or indifference. 4) In simplicity, partiality and reduction the collision of virtue and sin levels/functions are useful. 5) We need extensive study and funding of developing system integration algorithms. 6) Entity Mapping, Soul Mate Processing: A generator or algorithmic method outputting unique and general qualities based on the proper reduction or expansion of a thorough inventory of spiritual and psychological qualities (fine-grained) and when the qualities are assembled, on both sides, offsets and compliments needs to be put to each other. Statistics cannot be used, it is codeable, but human wisdom and mind should make the call ultimately, but to reduce mistakes, heavily mathematical analysis and processing, with deep and shallow parameters must used and implemented.
We need a responsibility spreadsheet/list based ranking system for the problems in the world, who they have been solved by in units (plethora) and who they are being solved by and the future projections. Hierarchy included and future power properly allocated and listened to. Ms-scores and vs-scores, spectrum scales, subtypes across the broad tied. As should be a immigration system. As should the military examine. As there is spectrum analysis to all types of terrorists and criminals. And the police and law enforcement should use the methods as well. #Interesting #Illuminating
This can help us with borrowed methods of building the world. No joke. Charities and IMF descend as well as socially minded funds and sovereign wealth funds, and wealthy trusts. Let's create a paradigm (derivative and integral producing system) generating of flows of money and investment that can be build it on this initial chaotic circulatory and growth system. And build it into the largest Enterprise there can be as it is the most beneficial to humanity, and misery eliminating. So much will be learned, even by a draft at this point. Data if you see it that way, data gathering in all PSBS terms, for ms-scores and vs-scores and all other methods and systems I have created/outlined along with all others. For the raw, Microsoft and Berkshire, what can be said except that they do not cheat and are progressively becoming sinless.
Subtyped vs-scores and ms-scores along with relevant spectrum(s) analysis should guide a career path from a young age, but a alternative creative pursuit should be mandatory, writing, comedy, acting, painting, sculpture or theoretical freeform activities, even in terms of equations and computer science (art applies). This will lower costs and increase efficacy and efficiency and diminish problems when it comes to hiring teachers, firemen, financial professionals, military or police personnel.

Potential and trajectory of vs-scores and ms-scores can be compiled for individuals and organizations and leniency and help and funding should allocated proportionally.
You can ask God, what productivity and accomplishments (and their implications for anything) will come from this government for the next four years, broken down into the spreadsheet that I outlined earlier, and by branches, vs-scores and ms-scores and potential, and scales (good and evil) ranking and subtype behavior as whole chunks and as for individuals in the context
Let's get the Father, Yahweh, to state who, in proportion in effort, sacrifice and will, has defeated ISIS, gangs and bumped the stock market, only fair way #Neutral, lets allow him to make a spreadsheet with a column or row of problems, retroactively, and other such measured things, and include individuals and their in proportion in effort, sacrifice and will #TheAmericanPeopleDeserveIt #Fair, relate and include vs-scores and ms-scores and potential of both, scale of good and evil using spectrum analysis included in spreadsheet, cut offs for readability
Ms-scores, vs-scores and spectrum need to be integrated, what do I call this?
Update to my prior post about vs-scores, including mention of soul-mate finding
The prison and ghetto problem can be, with many benefits, addressed, partially, by potential vs-score and ms-score, with time parameter, projection methods
My vs-score may lead to a change in the nature of democracy by clarifying lines and educational inclinations

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