Sunday, April 15, 2018

Work, Thought Suppression and Humanity

Information and action and thought suppression is an endemic problem in our society, it causes the circuitousness and distraction (but obsessive compulsiveness is order bringing and natural when exposed to manipulation) filled nature of the media and interpersonal discourse, stripping depth and necessitating new solutions in order to counteract, technology based solution like medicine in lieu of faith healing, an severe emotional detachment (deactivation and hyper activation of minds) when acting on a pro-social Holy level, with capacities lacking/underutilized, due to the coercion of evil, but evil comes in in the detachment itself. Repressed saints, prophets and martyrs, defined in the past days but days of now have been quelled to silence and inaction and forced to acting as well as the morally bottom of the barrel making the situation for the righteous intolerable and unsafe with harassment, they deserve nothing but exclusion until they repent. Coldness and anhedonia, often manifested in sexuality, curbs God’s Spector of passion, ecstasy and joy. Piecemeal resistance, blocking of a molestation type, seems, fact-based but in actuality, sinful, as it impedes with perversion the rightful course of history and the trajectory of conversation and related to seemingly streamlined and integrated long-term work adaptation and conditioning and mental manipulation and implantation of psychological and spiritual variables, malignant. These facts, make it so intuition and anticipation are crippled, and the worst has to be made form for humanity to change, and upon full cognizance and internalization of this the media will change and the pace of progress and learning and the acquisition of moral knowledge with quick effectual positive and Holy integration and learning. We are on the precipice of the intolerability of the old ways without the former becoming the paradigm, right form and method employed universally. Work has been stripped down to bare-bones, but splendor in its seeming glory and ego and selfish fix/rush present, but accompanying misery and emptiness (subconscious but bleeding through, not applicable in deep interesting and creative work sacrifice for the most part, but distracting projects must be analyzed), perpetual nature and task focus. “Efficiently” functional level is often and pervasive, is essentially (pervasively essential) inclusive of, suppression, but lacking in completeness and Holy elements/dimensions, such evil associated methods, do they invert and uninvert and bring knowledge, only path to world peace and stability and Holy/wise interdependency and empathy. An “acting” rich and codified idea expression methodology is present, but this is not fully human and unacceptable and a first priority is to enable plainly communication and, assurances given to the fearful, and think at the injustice of what you are not supposed to say, acting, materialistic distraction and commercialism and wrongful mechanical obsession and mechanization as a substitute to every joy and the concrete and almost universal integration of such related malignant paradigm(s) and protocol laid down, and the neglectability in the former with regards to promises of God and weigh and consider and then follow his ameliorative method and direction, and harness the newly introduced corporate, financial and technology union method introduced into the world. Law enforcement is immune to this but with hedonism as a substitute/fixation (with no shame required) an frankly indifference and disenfranchisement. But even in this glorious field, there is mechanization of the wrong sort, defunct as slavery and discipline. The Bible says be upon God’s law, but be upon his graces in your descriptions, scribing and creativity and make the poems which is what his law is, and his character and the nature and words and thoughts of the righteous and of the mere phenomenon of righteousness and anything holy or good or joyful and blissful into anything you create, or a part of or inspiration, and the Precepts (and the inverted must be known) and knowledge and his words highest. Ill-functional timeline paradigm against someone we all know, is the absolute epitome, with a stride to the left, of what I am talking about. Let him get back to work, and abominations have instilled the fear required, false fear, to enabled and concrete this situation and process. Psychological and sociological leadership analysis in the pathological realm: Vicious superficiality and sternness, miserliness (grandiose) using warped superficial numerical (and mechanized) focus and social norms paradigms (barebones somewhat) seemingly adopted and allows for exploitation of them, tied to, for brainwashing (in certain cases but all encompassing, yes limited in most) and primitive stimulation which is predatory (in perpetrator and victims), (unknown to the dealer in moral individuals) materialistic, shallow and aggressive and enabling (to the perpetrator mostly), rich in description, pushing it through opportunity and inclination (the perpetrator, first and victims second), id and animalism and deviancy attraction and because of power due to magnetism, and sin attraction (both), depravity urge “propensity” attraction at play (both) and collectedness (perpetrator) in functioning and behavior comes through “power feeling” and accompanying widespread disseminated and infection by spreading sin, hard-heartedness, (lying and theft) or target at powerful righteous figures and the lowly righteous (sadism and grandiosity).

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