Friday, April 20, 2018

Writing Project: Microblogging and Blogging

Writing Project: Microblogging and Blogging
1. Maya Kathryn Stowe will create a Facebook page and a blog
2. She will microblog on her Facebook page as do I, but it will contain pictures and interpersonal stuff among friends, posts and comments and emoticons of all sorts
3. On her blog she will write tapping into the wisdom, knowledge and virtue that comes from my being and aura and her’s; her beautiful pained and creative and moralistic and free-spirited kind and tender mind, her beautiful strong and resilient body that is angelic and her soul which is rich and filled with all virtue and innocence, curiosity and integrity
4. She will sometimes integrate or use inspiration from my behavior, or whatever she chooses, including on my Facebook page.
5. Solemn and Joyous masses in entries, will be based off conversations that people have about me or in general, by my soulmates or others
6. Anything derived from New Bible (output/ideas/thoughts/statements) can be used on blog
7. We will post pictures and videos, it's what you think, various characters

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