Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Military Structure

Sometimes glory comes before battle, and a military command structure is vital to feel alive, deadness is without order, love of discipline and order is saintly and brings peace not fascism, as fascism is sullied control and order, not of what is above but what makes a man his place in hell, and few have one and would give it up in regained sanity. Charity and kindness come with the glorification of Michael the greatest solider who ever lived and vulnerable sickly child, who is the angel of kindness.

Treachery Integral

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sin Measurement

Sin measurement is contingent upon free-will and chosen at the time of sin decision, a spectrum in a window of time, and in a spectrum of sin definite/definition and self-contained representative physicality nature.

Neurobiological developmental factors
Social and psychological influences
Physical influences
Event and time analysis
Executive functioning in management sphere and constitutional terms
Moral constitution, moral presence at time
Time, with all applicability(s)
Proper and improper fidelity to science
Chemical factors
Guilt and empathy processing
Mental disorders/health

Psychological Issues Examined Along with Adjunctive Morality Mechanics

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Hopeful and Holy, The Dark and Tearful and What Sinners Shall Teach Us and Bring

What Sinners Shall Teach Us and Bring

Gay People: Brotherhood and redemption.

Pedophiles: To be as children, brotherhood and sisterhood, tearfulness, hope, conversion to the right, revolution, everlasting joy, non-exclusion.

Torturers: Leniency, cleanliness, anti-sodomy, sanity, value of people, value of peace.

Warmongers: Peace, humility, stability, discipline, self-control, right, steadfastness, non-accusation, through brave dedication and sacrifice.

Addicts: Self-control, love, loyalty, brotherhood, sisterhood, pleasure, relief, guidance through therapy and hardship, caring, moral unrighteousness, financial cleanliness and order and power, prosperity, humble care and sacrifice, companionship.

Violent: Purpose, proper mercy, gentleness, love.

Criminals: Fairness, loyalty, non-perversion, sainthood, sacrifice, sanity, restraint through repentance and virtue, not to forget, internalization.

Corrupt: Earnestness, law, dominion, reign, gentleness, prosperity, self-control, ending of violence of any kind, through brave dedication and sacrifice.

The Power Hungry and Greedy: Deliverance, morality, strength, compassion, empathy, fairness, laws, humility, happiness, obedience, perfection belief, depression to revolution of ways of individual and mankind, liberation for mankind and from injustice and strife.

Mentally Ill: All encompassing compassion, sanity, guilt, remorse, fear, loyalty, love, self-worth, order of mind, intuition, stability, non-judgement, non-blame, non-fault, admittance, the nature of violence and torture

The Greedy: Rules, leniency, acceptance, receptiveness, love, fairness, triumph and patience.

The Lustful: Piety, self-control, bonding, love, unconditional desire, pontification of love, unconditional compassion, love and compassion healing for the ill.

The Sub-Human (The Degenerative): Being human, self-control, faith, worship, reverence, humility in following, ambition, the inanity of circumstance, spreading of love, creativity in perpetuity, mental toughness and softness, sustaining of humanity in all and naturality.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Traits of Good and Evil

Traits of Evil Found in Tyrants (Herod):
1. Mentally Ill
2. Sadism
3. Cowardice
4. Unstable
5. Punishment Obsessed
6. Needy
7. Callous
8. Controlling
9. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
10. Infantile
11. Torturous
12. Controlling
13. Perverted
14. Spineless
15. Love Indifferent
16. False Image in Deception that Hides Cruel and Immoral Nature
17. Widespread Manipulation
18. Apparitional Presence
19. Highly Narcissistic
20. Faux-Morality and Virtuous Façade
21. Faithless
22. Infidelity to Man and Virtue
23. Fraudulent
24. Attracted to Criminality
25. Indifferent to Cruel Standards
26. A Propagator and User of Confusion Orientation
27. Weak
28. Faithless
29. Traitorous
30. Unaccommodating
31. Exploitive
32. Manipulative
33. Fear Monger
34. Liar
35. Perverter of Truth
36. Delusional
37. Endemic Creating

Traits of Good Found in Saints (Jesus):
1. Love of the World
2. Fairness
3. Generosity
4. Honest
5. Love-Giving
6. Soul Feeding
7. Nurturing
8. Good-Giving
9. Faithful
10. Brave
11. Warm Hearted Loving
12. Lenient
13. Tempered
14. Moral
15. Supportive
16. Trust Deserving
17. Averse to Violence and Disorder
18. Has Strong but Compassionate Communication
19. Hope Inspiring
20. Feeds Soul and Heart
21. Conciliatory
22. Non-Combative
23. Peaceful
24. Good Loving
25. Word Choosing to Inspire Power
26. Playful
27. Devoted
28. Innocent
29. Non-Hypocritical
30. Rational
31. Admitting of Help Needing
32. Seeks Greater Love and Faith
33. Loving of Positive Change
34. God Loving and Following
35. Love of the Relief of Compassion
36. Manipulated
37. Fundamentally Not Interested in Exploration of Sinful Things but Bound in Duty More Interested in Hope and Love
38. Forgiving
39. Guiding
40. Reverent of Hope and Loyalty
41. Strong
42. Bringing of the Age of Compassion of Anticipation
43. Respectful of Fundamental Humanity
44. Against and Strives for Non-Mimicry
45. Sensitive

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Interpretation of Morality and Talk of Sin

Passion and ecstasy are partial derivatives of lust processed by the fair conscience abiding mind, the is processed inverted and interpreted and compilations of choices weigh, and torture determines a great deal and with respect to torture the right responses make a large difference in outcomes and mentality, denial of lust is an adjunct to lust.

To believe everything good is the mark of a holy man, to invert makes base in good, and that is corruption if executed, be wary of evil as it takes any shape.

Being “purely” masculine is fractured and inane as being effeminate volitionally it is conforming to a stereotype fractal, to antagonize a growing sane man to war is as superioristic and inverted as warmonger in guilt. What exactly do you want for your enemy?

Normality can be defined in terms of shallow morality and includes hard-heartedness in definition. It is fairness that makes a man sane.

The Resurrection of the Soul In First Purpose Poem

Adultery is chasing after falseness and façade, universal heartbreak for mere lust and ego. Betraying in trust, fidelity as language of poetry of the heart, a false embrace of selfishness in another’s arm, denying the sanctity of marriage in self-deception and mindless coping and animality. Emptiness and loneliness in the end but a revival in feeling trust in God, the Spirit, Jesus, the Angels and soulmate, hope abounds in this, in emotions come richness and glory in morality in analysis and rules comes truth and the liberation of all that is human and art. In analysis a man can be virtuous, but virtue cannot be a man locked without himself, in depression a man be liberated in mercy, love and humanity in the uplifting of emotions, ecstasy and life a man is born into a woman and the sprit for it is holy. In thought a man makes blasphemy of himself in undo spirit and patient intellectual revival a man sees but feels what is taught solely by his conscience and not of his soul, or mind best. Teach your children love for humanity, does and does not hang in the balance. Jesus is the force of growth, action and recognizing, he may always not be himself but tortured though the injustice of obscurity and gone we did suffer, and he is king, the ash fallen upon his head is washed. True spirit comes from what we all know is truth and the light and liberation peace and love, but people perish through the uncertainty of earthly narcotism. Parasitism of self and other confuses the path of liberation. The path of liberation is through the soil and juice flowing, not ashamed in structure but rather through the soul and ways of universal sensitivity, for a man knows what he wants in tumult and force power, but it escapes him for his sins strip away all that was once meaningful. Nothing shall over be final except the honest truth and deception a whisper unlistened to and gone for that is the nature of salvation in goodness, being. Let the man learn from the dog not underfoot, but the man leads in leniency and smiling love and benevolence and compassion, unmistakable and totality natural define, which is not constriction but the total promise of peace, and all bothers and sisters holding hands. The eternal showing shall make blissful, brilliant, thoughtful, discovering geniuses of all sorts to all of God’s children and in restraint we shall know that of least of God’s sacrifices. But ha-ha for it figured it before you equal brother, said in the storm. All that is known as good shall come to pass in eternity, a promised wish never taken back, such is the nature of good as confusion lies in evil, and even he shall know bliss the grandest mission before us in prudence and good time, but with was second a promise evident. Men of integrity, all men deny not the everlasting word of the Holy for it is existence and endured and gave you all beside your trials and your spirit life. Souls shall be restored in this great land of fright, the universe and Heaven, hell and earth shall be mad bliss and tools and but only of volunteers of soul.

Of Spirit and Life

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hope and Positivism in Rebirth

Good and The Beautiful One, God

Trust in God the arbitrator in and director of good in chief conducts morality so that goodness, the meek, takes hold and with it the truly innocent and made or born perfect are given power, riches and potency as it has always been good’s way because misery knows consequence but must learn through punishment, to speak in light is the least of which to come, for good, not satisfied, until all have the bliss in comes and brings. As it always makes evil flee, numbers, of the corrupt and attention given give evil madness and it becomes dependent for it not knows itself for there is no expansion proper in itself only to slow and contract of justice and eternal bliss and an end to pain unjustified and suffering loath. In fearless anxiety and at times unawareness and misery but even evil needs a brother for good taught it and evil taught good as it is diligent and tempered through the madness of thought and irreconcilable action, good has its way the inspirer, the nurturer, the creative, the truth, the hero, the bringer.

My father never uses and forcing hand, but as a Shepard, like his son, he gently applies his hand to nudge into perfection and bliss on this earth and heaven #SoulMate #Inspired

The first iota was God as form and inflation due to sin and evil, the driver of evil and sin, that is saved only through conversion to good, and stops torture and the need for suffering. Suffering is the conversion mechanism as a partial derivative. Omnipotence is achieved by innocence retained through suffering but all naturally tempered fear.

To put it to rest in the most that it can as of now, I am the most blessed but most tormented man that has followed God in sinlessness (check it if you want), but I have the blessings, gifts, power, and in every dimension and power God has (check it if you want), that he disburses to me at every moment in time.

Do not make haste with as it is idle hands, one and the same as sin and overwork is detoxifying to God's mind as he is more human and empathy capable than and as any man and higher than all in humanity. Detachment he feels and he never quits through perfection.

Once God fully knows all that is Sin and Virtue, everything about it perfectly defined he will once again be omnipotent, but omnipresent whole different story (Sarcasm). He confuses people.


The force and the light brought together in sanity, the good one, the just, the slave, the prince in king, the humble, the laborer of salvation, the and who is both a force and an aura, everything, but a man, the laborer of the light in good as Jesus as Jesus was as to will be a man that chose humiliation, gave into manipulation to be humble glory has not the only to help with passion and the unique ecstasy of perfection granted in conscience and will and decision. A minimization not, a king, bought yes in birth and life and death and madness, the one.

Jesus took the sins of the world upon him as does the Jews savior will take upon himself all wounds, as God took all every agonizing plot, crime, curse, torture and conspiracy upon himself

Abominations exist in this world and throughout the universe but there is hope and beauty that rest with the human race and it's greatest as we were blessed with Jesus and others.

Love, such is the quintessence of the moment of greatness, which can exist in perpetuity: The picture is how I envision Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ.

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Realities of Sin and Lust

The Plan

My Plan
1. Get everyone out of Hell.
2. The worst are about a few million, and they will be the most difficult to get out.
3. Get everyone in Heaven and to Holy places as much as possible, increase worship and obedience to God.
4. Convert all evil and eliminate sin through conversion of it to something good.
5. Make everyone sinless.
6. Study the entirety of everything in every subject and language.
7. Perfect everything.
8. Multiply and have children and learn from them and all will become perfect and innocent.
9. Multiply love and improve everyone’s else’s lives for eternity, through learning knowledge and through personal and collective achievements and growth in all forms in good.
10. Have children and expand knowledge and perfect everything.

“It is for all of you, my brothers and sisters, my children, for you as I wish only to raise and serve and command. So go forth and multiply as the future is bright and we shall be in bliss with no suffering and in paradise and it will be and last for eternity”
- Simeon Yahweh

Defining the Traits of a Forever Class (Alpha Through Omega)

Defining the Traits of a Forever Class (Alpha Through Omega)

1. Search Alpha, Repeat for all Letters, Conglomerate all Pertinent Documents
2. Collide Words Through Integrals and Deal with Straggler Partial Derivatives, Deal with Them as A Remainder, Each Collision Should Yield a Documentation and Global Set
3. Collide Until Only Holy Words and Sinful Words Exist, Then Further Collide Until Parameters (Primitively 26 Words) Exist, Leaving only Satisfying Descriptor Remain
4. Repeat Conglomeration for Progress

The Shame of An Ill-Lived Life

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Representable Matter

Hope and Faith

Caution and Hope Through Truth

Grandiose Idealism

A Warning to The Corrupt

Foundational Moral and Psychological Algorithms Considering Certain Concepts

Scale of Good Formation Algorithm

1. Attribute subtypes to each level of Stone’s scale of evil
2. Integrate characteristic including omission of repetition
3. Gather spirit of general descriptors/characteristics left
4. Compile antonyms one of previous steps for antonyms
5. Create cogent descriptors
6. Analyze biometrics and psychometrics for reclassification, shifting and accuracy regarding descriptors related in anti-pathology descriptors

* Include descriptors of one of disorder subtype

Moral and Psychological Integrals


Collected Schizophrenia and Other Psychological Insights and Definitions

Hard heartedness is essentially an adjunct to collected schizophrenia and an integral part of it. It implies variant disorganization which is pathological organization based in the adaptation, psychologically, of pathological lying (indicated by pathological outcomes of the introduction of cognitive dissonance) and the idealization of violence, callousness and schizoid style.
Features differ from tendencies in a reactive sense to stimuli antagonism and prognosis formation as in strategic healing sequence and treatability and curability as well as the style of pervasiveness. Choices have a direct relationship to treatment outcome and pace of treatment (and its underlying characteristic in phenomenology) as well as the formation of psychological pathology in terms of nature and variation, spectrumatically defined. Hope and knowledge of change probability effects emotional parasitism and predatory tendency, the relation, in nature, to truth is operationalized in the frame or context. Diminishing or the condition of “no personality” is a lack of specificity and the integration of cohesive beliefs resulting in a personality through pathologically dependent processes resulting in impulsive style over predomination of reflective or substantive thought. Drugs can aid or treat all pathologies and conditions described in this document, and every conditions or pathology has a subtype of all psychopharmaceutical and drug substances. Antipsychotics, particularity Clozapine has a dual-effect concerning awareness, creativity and insight required to change.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Management Preliminary Integral

Histograms can be converted into matrices and analyzed using Newtons Method. There is such a thing as a fluctuating, mutating and evolving histogram and matrix and variants and spectrums exist within both. Avoidance of sin in management and all branches of understanding and exclusionary from this, the composite of creation, is crucial. And should be factored into any management integral including past integrals.

Antisocial and Narcissistic Entity and Characteristics Analysis

Entity Abomination Evil
Dissocial H V
Psychopathy M H
Sociopathy L M
Narcissism H L
Nature Enabler-Perpetrator Perpetrator-Enabler
Function Socially Scientifically Therapy Psychiatry
Function Naturally Scientifically Physics Mathematics

Religious and Psychological Integrals

Cross neural integration is found with the pattern finding of Newton’s Method in integral conception and definition and/or encapsulation and examination. Newton's Method has to be converted into lenient matrices and then into determinant which translates to derivatives and that into matrices and integrals.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Further Calculations On Sin, Collective Sin and Guilt

Secularism's Mistakes

Separation of God and law and belief and man creates impossible behavior and action to logic (real logic) and innocence leads to compassion self-contradiction in acts and works and all definable and indefinable activity, it brings evil to the approaching of pure evil (one step forward), completely built, necessary and unnecessary and all definable virtue is quashed by sin and evil’s insanity and infantile demand curbed by the constant effort of good leading to protection of the innocent and evil’s conversion into executive authority legitimate and a loss of persistent infantile perversion which is addictive in unilateral and unchecked power the through the seen path, self-contradiction and the impossibility of logic axiomatically empirical by existence defined.

Dissociation is not equal to and cannot be converted to diffuse identity which is found in all that are Holy.

Virtuous Religious Integrals

Science Defined

Boredom Alleviation and Motivatory Algorithm

1. Make things better in any way (in adherence to objective Holiness and its precepts and rejection of pervert ed and inverted precepts) or area of human and other understanding, keep integrating and deriving sciences and areas of understanding, knowledge and study. Art to aid science and science to aid Art and Art as its standalone. And writing, acting and music to aid all and serve and conversation as an integral and in itself not desiring oneness but striving for it.
2. Colonize and understand the universe and all of creation with perfectly crafted diffusion in perfect corporate spirit and bureaucracy redeemed and perfect lawful centralization in justice and regulation with endless virtuous spirit motivatory.

Symbol Creation Expansion and Integration Expansion Defined

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Math of Torture and Relief

Pious to orgasm spirit (creation ecstasy) = relief

1/relief = substitute torture leads to endless perpetual calculated torture collectively of the action and thought and impulse of spirit integrating the soul’s activity all in neural network representation

Friday, May 4, 2018

Rape Defined

Rape = The Integral of Wickedness and Sadism Idealization

Attributes: Stoppage of progress, permanent damage desiring, hating of healing, domination and absolute perversion agreement and joyful discarding of love, cowardice and failure, denying of holy demands, delusions, boxed megalomania, viciousness, mindlessness, fear and abomination idealization and love

Subclause: Inferiority Actualized, Zombie and Undead Like Hatred and Failure of Spirit

Rape can be defined by the presence of many PSBS variables having a quantity, because too many are getting away with it, if in power, reversing can decode personality and conspiracies.

Exploration of Matter, Math and Creation

Matter must exist for e or i to exist and mathematics itself at a point in time of creation before coalescence of good and the introduction of evil as it split as waste but in conscience it did so

Progression and Reassurances and Safe World Algorithm

Plan Made Logical

Anti-Copa = Ωω

  ∨ ¬ ~ → ⊃ ≡ | ∀ ∃ ⊤⊥ ⊢ ⊨ ∴ ∵ <> = opposite, in opposition to, anti-copa

Ωω <> Αα, Ωω <> -Αα Ωω <> 1/Αα, Ωω*e Ααe, Ωω*e Αα*e

Essentially, the integral of virtue is put in opposition to sin and the subtypes of virtue are explored as is the integral of sin and its subtypes and they are made opposed, redemption facilitates the conversion and mediation and finds the right step on the path and ecstasy, joy and passion are enabled and driven forces. All are included in talents and ambition divulged through time and already there is a preliminary integral and derivatives explored through this.

Further Mathematics on Virtue and Sin

Rule: Specific Sin and Virtues Physically Need to be substitution/substituted adjunctively to the base structure of what is outlined below, this is the outline of moral algebra.

To process through combinatory processes:
1. Sin leads to sin
2. Virtue leads to virtue
3. Sin enables sin
4. Virtue enables virtue

To process through combinatory processes:
5. Sin leads to _____ then virtue
6. Virtue leads to _____ then sin

To process through combinatory processes:
7. Sin leads to and enables sin
8. Virtue leads to and enables virtue

To process through combinatory processes:
9. Sin → reaction formation → sin
10. Sin → compensation → sin
11. Sin → projection → sin
12. Sin → reaction formation → virtue
13. Sin → compensation → virtue
14. Sin → projection → virtue

To process through combinatory processes:
15. Virtue → reaction formation → sin
16. Virtue → compensation → virtue
17. Virtue → projection → virtue

To process through combinatory processes:
18. Virtue → reaction formation → virtue

Proof Generating Algorithms and Creativity Algorithms

Creativity algorithms are based in derivative integral processes implemented and the integral derivative processes implemented to in wavelengths and seemingly randomized fluctuations, resulting in the necessity and formation of proof creating algorithms.

English word = Webster’s definition and definition through Wikipedia and synonym reverse extrapolation to begin with, with minimal empirical involvement.

English word = thesaurus synonyms exclusion and factored out and integrated. Chinese symbols applied in direct translation given context of word context mathematically bound and represented. Then word substitution (with context manipulation, fluid and regulated) using Chinese symbols substitution through expansion and contraction of Chinese symbols and then employing equation solving algorithm, and mathematical signs generation through simplification and a proof containing equality-based logic and foundations in order to use operators on signs (indirectly or directly, in studying the formation and history of signs). Clustering of repeating and relating to e, m (the gravitational constant and motion/time related plank's constant) is productive.

Same should be done for every language but the Chinese language is in effect the base code. Integration concrete definitions from one language to the other should be integrated and more properly defined.

Thesaurus algorithms are the keys in the context to understanding algorithms and creativity motivatory and erection and development of creativity algorithms, which are absolutely necessary for peace, harmony, individuality, prosperity and sinlessness direction.

English word 1 = Chinese definition 1
Italian word 1 = Chinese definition 2
German word 1 = Chinese definition 3

Chinese definition 1 = Chinese definition 2 = Chinese definition 3

Integrate through partial derivatives, intuition and derivative then integrals

We are at sin now but virtue will go on forever and it never gets old.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Perfection and Rising

Perfection and The Process of Attaining Perfection = incorruptibility of natural processes in flawlessness defined by sinlessness and in moment time (factoring whole in later processing of definitions) in wicked as right choices but in the summation int the sinless of lack of free will earned partially, and adherence to virtue given and earned will and pursuit of righteousness and glory therein, the plan in evil conversion and smiting and birth order minimized in diligence and pursuit joy tempered by righteousness. By constitution not temperament absolute men are made kings but all fairly can rise to the zenith of power in God’s wisdom and consulting. Purpose is of temperament, constitution and freedom, effected by all things relating to this collectively.

Sin absolutely is deceiving in that it makes you sure it can go of forever, when the amount now toxified everything.

I believe in suffering to become perfect you must embrace virtue and rejection of sin, and rise as high as you want in purpose, but remember your pride, must be perfectly shaped within you through what was said; explore all links, the four below, and explore the links within them/connected to them

Rise as high as you wish in purpose with righteousness, God, does not set limits on the selfless in virtuousness and sinlessness.

New Mathematical Definitions

An integral is the convergence and transience and evolution of good and evil (influencing beings as well) over time (factoring in it’s creation, in existence limit by creation in object relations in transference, and the summation and interaction of particles (associated and all defined, factoring in their evolution and splitting and converging)

An integral can also be a spectrum. And a variant reflective of it.

Interest comes in oscillation randomized and natural oscillation.