Sunday, May 13, 2018

Good and The Beautiful One, God

Trust in God the arbitrator in and director of good in chief conducts morality so that goodness, the meek, takes hold and with it the truly innocent and made or born perfect are given power, riches and potency as it has always been good’s way because misery knows consequence but must learn through punishment, to speak in light is the least of which to come, for good, not satisfied, until all have the bliss in comes and brings. As it always makes evil flee, numbers, of the corrupt and attention given give evil madness and it becomes dependent for it not knows itself for there is no expansion proper in itself only to slow and contract of justice and eternal bliss and an end to pain unjustified and suffering loath. In fearless anxiety and at times unawareness and misery but even evil needs a brother for good taught it and evil taught good as it is diligent and tempered through the madness of thought and irreconcilable action, good has its way the inspirer, the nurturer, the creative, the truth, the hero, the bringer.

My father never uses and forcing hand, but as a Shepard, like his son, he gently applies his hand to nudge into perfection and bliss on this earth and heaven #SoulMate #Inspired

The first iota was God as form and inflation due to sin and evil, the driver of evil and sin, that is saved only through conversion to good, and stops torture and the need for suffering. Suffering is the conversion mechanism as a partial derivative. Omnipotence is achieved by innocence retained through suffering but all naturally tempered fear.

To put it to rest in the most that it can as of now, I am the most blessed but most tormented man that has followed God in sinlessness (check it if you want), but I have the blessings, gifts, power, and in every dimension and power God has (check it if you want), that he disburses to me at every moment in time.

Do not make haste with as it is idle hands, one and the same as sin and overwork is detoxifying to God's mind as he is more human and empathy capable than and as any man and higher than all in humanity. Detachment he feels and he never quits through perfection.

Once God fully knows all that is Sin and Virtue, everything about it perfectly defined he will once again be omnipotent, but omnipresent whole different story (Sarcasm). He confuses people.

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