Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Interpretation of Morality and Talk of Sin

Passion and ecstasy are partial derivatives of lust processed by the fair conscience abiding mind, the is processed inverted and interpreted and compilations of choices weigh, and torture determines a great deal and with respect to torture the right responses make a large difference in outcomes and mentality, denial of lust is an adjunct to lust.

To believe everything good is the mark of a holy man, to invert makes base in good, and that is corruption if executed, be wary of evil as it takes any shape.

Being “purely” masculine is fractured and inane as being effeminate volitionally it is conforming to a stereotype fractal, to antagonize a growing sane man to war is as superioristic and inverted as warmonger in guilt. What exactly do you want for your enemy?

Normality can be defined in terms of shallow morality and includes hard-heartedness in definition. It is fairness that makes a man sane.

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