Sunday, May 13, 2018


The force and the light brought together in sanity, the good one, the just, the slave, the prince in king, the humble, the laborer of salvation, the and who is both a force and an aura, everything, but a man, the laborer of the light in good as Jesus as Jesus was as to will be a man that chose humiliation, gave into manipulation to be humble glory has not the only to help with passion and the unique ecstasy of perfection granted in conscience and will and decision. A minimization not, a king, bought yes in birth and life and death and madness, the one.

Jesus took the sins of the world upon him as does the Jews savior will take upon himself all wounds, as God took all every agonizing plot, crime, curse, torture and conspiracy upon himself

Abominations exist in this world and throughout the universe but there is hope and beauty that rest with the human race and it's greatest as we were blessed with Jesus and others.

Love, such is the quintessence of the moment of greatness, which can exist in perpetuity: The picture is how I envision Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ.

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