Thursday, May 3, 2018

Perfection and Rising

Perfection and The Process of Attaining Perfection = incorruptibility of natural processes in flawlessness defined by sinlessness and in moment time (factoring whole in later processing of definitions) in wicked as right choices but in the summation int the sinless of lack of free will earned partially, and adherence to virtue given and earned will and pursuit of righteousness and glory therein, the plan in evil conversion and smiting and birth order minimized in diligence and pursuit joy tempered by righteousness. By constitution not temperament absolute men are made kings but all fairly can rise to the zenith of power in God’s wisdom and consulting. Purpose is of temperament, constitution and freedom, effected by all things relating to this collectively.

Sin absolutely is deceiving in that it makes you sure it can go of forever, when the amount now toxified everything.

I believe in suffering to become perfect you must embrace virtue and rejection of sin, and rise as high as you want in purpose, but remember your pride, must be perfectly shaped within you through what was said; explore all links, the four below, and explore the links within them/connected to them

Rise as high as you wish in purpose with righteousness, God, does not set limits on the selfless in virtuousness and sinlessness.

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