Friday, May 4, 2018

Progression and Reassurances and Safe World Algorithm

Plan Made Logical

Anti-Copa = Ωω

  ∨ ¬ ~ → ⊃ ≡ | ∀ ∃ ⊤⊥ ⊢ ⊨ ∴ ∵ <> = opposite, in opposition to, anti-copa

Ωω <> Αα, Ωω <> -Αα Ωω <> 1/Αα, Ωω*e Ααe, Ωω*e Αα*e

Essentially, the integral of virtue is put in opposition to sin and the subtypes of virtue are explored as is the integral of sin and its subtypes and they are made opposed, redemption facilitates the conversion and mediation and finds the right step on the path and ecstasy, joy and passion are enabled and driven forces. All are included in talents and ambition divulged through time and already there is a preliminary integral and derivatives explored through this.

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