Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Hopeful and Holy, The Dark and Tearful and What Sinners Shall Teach Us and Bring

What Sinners Shall Teach Us and Bring

Gay People: Brotherhood and redemption.

Pedophiles: To be as children, brotherhood and sisterhood, tearfulness, hope, conversion to the right, revolution, everlasting joy, non-exclusion.

Torturers: Leniency, cleanliness, anti-sodomy, sanity, value of people, value of peace.

Warmongers: Peace, humility, stability, discipline, self-control, right, steadfastness, non-accusation, through brave dedication and sacrifice.

Addicts: Self-control, love, loyalty, brotherhood, sisterhood, pleasure, relief, guidance through therapy and hardship, caring, moral unrighteousness, financial cleanliness and order and power, prosperity, humble care and sacrifice, companionship.

Violent: Purpose, proper mercy, gentleness, love.

Criminals: Fairness, loyalty, non-perversion, sainthood, sacrifice, sanity, restraint through repentance and virtue, not to forget, internalization.

Corrupt: Earnestness, law, dominion, reign, gentleness, prosperity, self-control, ending of violence of any kind, through brave dedication and sacrifice.

The Power Hungry and Greedy: Deliverance, morality, strength, compassion, empathy, fairness, laws, humility, happiness, obedience, perfection belief, depression to revolution of ways of individual and mankind, liberation for mankind and from injustice and strife.

Mentally Ill: All encompassing compassion, sanity, guilt, remorse, fear, loyalty, love, self-worth, order of mind, intuition, stability, non-judgement, non-blame, non-fault, admittance, the nature of violence and torture

The Greedy: Rules, leniency, acceptance, receptiveness, love, fairness, triumph and patience.

The Lustful: Piety, self-control, bonding, love, unconditional desire, pontification of love, unconditional compassion, love and compassion healing for the ill.

The Sub-Human (The Degenerative): Being human, self-control, faith, worship, reverence, humility in following, ambition, the inanity of circumstance, spreading of love, creativity in perpetuity, mental toughness and softness, sustaining of humanity in all and naturality.

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