Friday, May 11, 2018

The Plan

My Plan
1. Get everyone out of Hell.
2. The worst are about a few million, and they will be the most difficult to get out.
3. Get everyone in Heaven and to Holy places as much as possible, increase worship and obedience to God.
4. Convert all evil and eliminate sin through conversion of it to something good.
5. Make everyone sinless.
6. Study the entirety of everything in every subject and language.
7. Perfect everything.
8. Multiply and have children and learn from them and all will become perfect and innocent.
9. Multiply love and improve everyone’s else’s lives for eternity, through learning knowledge and through personal and collective achievements and growth in all forms in good.
10. Have children and expand knowledge and perfect everything.

“It is for all of you, my brothers and sisters, my children, for you as I wish only to raise and serve and command. So go forth and multiply as the future is bright and we shall be in bliss with no suffering and in paradise and it will be and last for eternity”
- Simeon Yahweh

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