Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Resurrection of the Soul In First Purpose Poem

Adultery is chasing after falseness and fa├žade, universal heartbreak for mere lust and ego. Betraying in trust, fidelity as language of poetry of the heart, a false embrace of selfishness in another’s arm, denying the sanctity of marriage in self-deception and mindless coping and animality. Emptiness and loneliness in the end but a revival in feeling trust in God, the Spirit, Jesus, the Angels and soulmate, hope abounds in this, in emotions come richness and glory in morality in analysis and rules comes truth and the liberation of all that is human and art. In analysis a man can be virtuous, but virtue cannot be a man locked without himself, in depression a man be liberated in mercy, love and humanity in the uplifting of emotions, ecstasy and life a man is born into a woman and the sprit for it is holy. In thought a man makes blasphemy of himself in undo spirit and patient intellectual revival a man sees but feels what is taught solely by his conscience and not of his soul, or mind best. Teach your children love for humanity, does and does not hang in the balance. Jesus is the force of growth, action and recognizing, he may always not be himself but tortured though the injustice of obscurity and gone we did suffer, and he is king, the ash fallen upon his head is washed. True spirit comes from what we all know is truth and the light and liberation peace and love, but people perish through the uncertainty of earthly narcotism. Parasitism of self and other confuses the path of liberation. The path of liberation is through the soil and juice flowing, not ashamed in structure but rather through the soul and ways of universal sensitivity, for a man knows what he wants in tumult and force power, but it escapes him for his sins strip away all that was once meaningful. Nothing shall over be final except the honest truth and deception a whisper unlistened to and gone for that is the nature of salvation in goodness, being. Let the man learn from the dog not underfoot, but the man leads in leniency and smiling love and benevolence and compassion, unmistakable and totality natural define, which is not constriction but the total promise of peace, and all bothers and sisters holding hands. The eternal showing shall make blissful, brilliant, thoughtful, discovering geniuses of all sorts to all of God’s children and in restraint we shall know that of least of God’s sacrifices. But ha-ha for it figured it before you equal brother, said in the storm. All that is known as good shall come to pass in eternity, a promised wish never taken back, such is the nature of good as confusion lies in evil, and even he shall know bliss the grandest mission before us in prudence and good time, but with was second a promise evident. Men of integrity, all men deny not the everlasting word of the Holy for it is existence and endured and gave you all beside your trials and your spirit life. Souls shall be restored in this great land of fright, the universe and Heaven, hell and earth shall be mad bliss and tools and but only of volunteers of soul.

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