Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Medicine Creation

1. Derivative and Integrals of current medicine generating algorithms and deployment of intelligent and possibly genetic algorithms in deconstruction of current medicine formulating and creation algorithms.
2. Radiation and ozone and other chemical exposure to substances and medicines processed rigorously through mathematical analysis (AI) to judge value.
3. Combination with psychological, spiritual, sociological, and all variables on entity groups or entities. Use AIs to harness the power of intuitive mathematics and algorithms, to restructure the creation algorithms or present and utilize themselves in the creation and algorithm restructuring and the product of their efforts, in this, can be utilized if analytically approached, the constant rewriting of code is key and should be compared to definitions of perfection, risk-taking, creativity, safety, leniency, flexibility and compassion but uprightness as benchmarks.
4. Study of collective consciousness in the breakdown of all egos, superegos and ids deconstructed and represented as a neural network on entities, including all things about entities and entity groups (including collective consciousness analysis) described mathematically integrated in to a model. Using the parsed data to make observations and predictions using statistics and Artificial Intelligence.
5. Mass use of Artificial Intelligence entities to study bodily fluids and waste chemicals that are processed or naturally present in bodies of water or treatment plants and waste systems.
6. AI’s to tie every step together but neglect and reward certain units of operations outlined.

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