Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Conversion of Evil Doctrine and Integral

1) The conversion of Evil
2) The Spirit of God
3) The ability to be a Seer and see, Prophet and know and a Saint to feel and think
4) The downfall of the wicked
5) Vision for everyone of Holiness, their Truth path
6) Affluence and resources
7) Ideas produced and work, paid, for not by torment but by inspirational ease
8) Honesty and sacrifice, and the non-blaming of God
9) Elimination of struggle evil schemas that influence being
10) Salvation Integral
11) Leadership integral
12) Virtue in all
13) Listening in cooperation, Sin looked at as for fools misguided
14) The gentle and the harsh
15) Becoming human in ways that we universally accepted revealed through intuition, proved by history, and the only option
16) The stopping of violence
17) An end to brainwashing and programming and pure learning and thought and reason
18) The ability of goodness to Reign in matrimony and friends, conversation of what is alive, and morality always is on a sane mind, whether one realizes it or not
19) Tolerance and uplifting of those that paid in blood and suffering
20) Art and mechanics by the neglected and exploited, the basis of Good in Faith first and mathematics second because all joyous
21) Inference comes before, the proof, beauty and rules and fixed progress and revised in Truth
22) An end to cruelty because even the cruel cry in self-loathing for what they have seen and done, and the same for the perverse
23) A Holy way of dealing with depression
24) A non-necessity of lies, propaganda or abuse of the vulnerable through guilt inducing and disgusting behavior
25) The purification of all faults in leaders, using algorithms and God’s judgement and counsel, so thuggery afflicts no one and all are promised from peasant to king, you will face tests, you will work, you will face competition through righteousness and truly bring rebuke, without violence, intimidation, censor or blame and such things done from aside from God’s is evil in a machine likened.
26) The all consumption of faith as it fills every crack we heal with God’s flesh, as it brings Reign and Glory as it is the only promise that broken is an Abomination. For the fullness of the soul and word and works of love and shelter and quenching rain faith brings all hope and makes you knew as God did that it is good incarnate and in many ways good itself, and who wants to live hungry or empty and angry when Greed, Lust and Wrath substitute hope and faith.
27) Absolute truth and poise and beauty and honor towards men and women because strategy rich are concessions made years, with a conflicted yet good conscience, What comes from a man’s mouth is not calculation if in the fullness of good and life giving, nor is money from the coffers or strategy in cheapness and cheating, or is half-blindness or disease of politician and man.
28) Corporations will be treated like states and Kings come from them, but they watch what they should watch and produce in Holiness as the strength of lesser Kings is lesser and not.
29) The task not of ears and say and services, but of the soul in the true essence want of such things.
30) Corporate, Business, Research Institutions, Government and Law Firms working by one set of rules and one list of common goals known known as Testament and Elohim.

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