Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Introduction of Guilt and Second Thought

Globalized and specific imitation/mimic schema dissocial circuitous schemas which are standard/like fully integrated schema networks. The networks fire off other schema networks and this process outlined is motivatory and becomes a global mentality in callousness and thuggery through grandiosity and omnipotence seeking of feeling not absolute definition. The networks are dissuaded by conscience in counter-activation, but conscience is used in moral knowledge and by the dynamics and manifestation of its whole the representation in actuality effect and nature. Mimicry becomes cohesive but fragmented in a mentality sense and throughout networks as a method of gratification and stimulation globally and specifically, this is reinforced and brought about in development and worsening by the dominance of the reptilian brain in drug use and primitivity. Dissocial networks are interconnected and interrelated and become dependent and growing in scope in size as a proportion of mentality and interrelatedness among them grows dense in the absence of virtue and in the presence of unrepentant sin. Interconnection of guilt centers and dissocial networks in right sequence and with stimuli is a promising method of treatment for mental reorganization.

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