Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The War and The Game

1. First comes the peace and good feelings of all in emotional expression and love, for the innocent and the wicked, the virtuous mercy killings of the wicked but forgivable
2. Then comes the covetous that seek war for grandiosity, sin and sadism
3. The most ill-fearing rise to the top and carry out the suicide mission
4. The lies are instilled for drug addiction, sadism and the conceded plan for extinguishing existence and the betrayal of the innocent
5. The hatred of the innocent grows exponentially based on circumstances because of conditioning and circuitousness although they need them to hold i t together and be used and projection comes in and they are blamed and inverted definitions are utilized and believed
6. All proper delusion is harnessed, and deep sadism and dissocial opinions made accessed and numbers give them confidence and the drive
7. The rumination based on sadistic lies and the effects and impact of the psychological torture
8. The accusations of retardation and schizophrenia and the taste of unjust and inverted values
9. The worry of inferiority and hope lost
10. The distraction of thought into the hands of the lamb slaughters in order to make something like circuitous spawned irrationality or blocked thought
11. Then the instilled lust for vengeance against persecutors which is wrong but somehow right because the innocent know war is wrong, but they strike in a malaise and confusion of motives of good and anger
12. Moral questioning of the victim by his own innocent mind, and irritation harnessed for ill-fought war for drugs, sadism and graniosity utilizing perversion
13. Then the cold-blooded planning of the next in psychological torture and the blitzkrieg to show that they have no capacity for mercy because it is theirs what they want
14. Then comes the delegation and longer-term planning of terror and traumatizing plots coupled with the fear of non-stop and guilt on the side of the victim which is repressed, and thuggery and drug use abound
15. We will give them false motives to go to war and make them think it is their fault and instill them with guilt laden sadism to wash the morality from mankind through slow sequential stealing of good ideas and picking off of the strong through massive inferiority complexes
16. Use of technology to torture and confuse the victim and then molest the victim throughout to aid a streamlined chaotic process, a continual factor
17. More sadistic lies in Stockholm syndrome instilment
18. Denial of blame or punishment, the non-giving up of authority to reduce punishment, and the death avoidance which makes it worse.
19. The breaking of all bonds and the delusion of forgiveness at some point in time with the blocked cognizance of the reality of torture in hell and imminent death for no protection holds them by a certain point in time
20. Carefully mapped manipulations of the mind and grandiosity, and pathetic concessions that are sarcastic in nature in the true but non-humorist sense
21. Defeat and death, torture in hell, going into the line of redemption in hell through neglect and torture
22. Recruitment of others who have addictions of all sorts to use them perpetuate in vindictiveness, pollution of mind and loss of numbers, the sane driven insane and only sane by death, deception and pollution of the mentality of all mankind, the ladder is shortened, molestation, rape and torture utilized by perversion aims but denied as secondary because of conscious subconscious conflict but determinate by wrath and lust
23. Conspiracy reformation and sexual excitement of the blame of the innocent and their torture in madness because it makes no constitutional sense
24. Misunderstanding of moral genius
25. Quelling of bloodlust by achieved torture and wrath of innocent victims who stand up to insanity

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