Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Antisocial Processes and Acceptability

b = Words that mentally vie for truth and ill-anticipation of lie based situational partial integration*Gluttony, Lust and Greed in lie-based consumption and grandiose manner expressed as conformity and identification with fictional or real figures*Insanity is valid non-manipulated consensus*Schizotypal and antisocial disorders in fantasy and theatrical expression afflicting drudgery of mechanical existence
a = Commercial, corporation and academic driven sadistic tendencies and towards torture and control and emotional stripping hidden by possessive and oppressed masochism and tyrannical (primarily) sadism with prosocial traits with hypomanic leanings and in, trinkets, psychologically necessary and valued through symbolism*Brainwashing extensively in style of computation and behavioral manipulation as evident in tantrums of an inexplicable sort of teaching professional and cool, withdrawn and sexually perverse mastery or self-attributed omnipotence of subjugation of lowest relevant rank in intimidation missions*Rampant crime uninvestigated for fear and programming, bureaucratic hatred fascism and hatred intentions looking to all being equal without the presence of holiness leading to atrocities, poverty, perverse lies, disease, deep manipulative thought with consciousness and circumvention of underdeveloped conscience*Disgusting behavior and traits utilizing human intelligence and technology that provides for sub-human excitement and substitution for forced confinement and abuse*Pervasive sloth and lust made into a stabilization mechanism and an adjunct for calm and intermittent hysteria*Delusional mind and disgusting greed, sloth and lust based operating methods and structure of the holy actualization of those of greatest worth and the downtrodden, well, and mentally odd saints in potential and becoming, with sexual overtones in desecrating beauty and innocence stripping from conversation God, law, justice and morality and through secularization, substitutes and commercialized fantasies and unchecked compulsions and disasters in widespread denial and delusion accepted in mathematical terms
f(x) = Conversion from psychology antisocial processes (aid) to sociological religious and practical meaning
Equals:  Dependent and acceptable components of disorders sociologically and via humanitarianism to clear judgement of pathology and antisocial problems conversion

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