Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Disorder and Chaos Quelled

b = Obsession as a substitute, substitutes only necessary for moral growth through predominantly deprivation*Incontinuity of being action*Taxing and overwork*The drive to create mental illness, the subtypes of this corresponding to mental illness subtypes*Money and material complexity*Expansive appreciation coupled with grandiose sadism inflicted in severe form on the innocent*Predominance of work detached from emotions, and in passion expansion in destruction in ill understanding, and callous regard of holy spirit that is of kindness*The intertwining of all things in physical and scientific and spiritual means and scope in life, love and sin factored and potential purity as well as natural means tying together growth and in the scope of existence with work in natural based ease and continuity
a = Empathy lack and conscience deadened in inactivity only in instilled, sycophantism typed conscience usage, lack of normal conscience-empathy relationship*Botheration in instilled feelings of worthlessness of depression-normality askew in distortion of subtyped and appraisal subtypes, labels creation for the imbecilic and parasitism in all*Savior bringing capacities, the destruction of the therapist or savior in weakness, an affinity for torture and perversion aimed toward the savior proportional to denial and grandiosity*Moral confusion in sloth and life abstinence, lack of proper temperance and diligence caution patience and purity infused creativity with output*Chemical and scientific view going towards callousness or ill-exuberation, but ultimately choice between concern or violence to the correcting and guiding meek
f(x) = Disorder and Chaos*Inserted and welcomed input of purity and rejection of viciousness and purity*Caution of speech for motivation and justice
Equals:  Empathy, caution and path proper and ill in life and of mission*Amount of help due received and to be and received in entering heaven

*All sinners truly understand they are immoral before they fall and submit, the final straw broken, when they come to God, sin lets not go of them in other circumstances and their need for it reinforced with the will to do anything at the near end and at various points when they need their sadistic fix.

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