Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Depersonalization and Identity

b = Contracted identity with depersonalized decompensation, in animalistic viciousness*False and relevant attributions of brilliance and sentiments discomfort forced through technology and manipulation, dialogue and communication through this manner*Predatoriness*Fascistic repetition of librarian sort*Preying on weaknesses and sadistically idealizing thuggery, disorganization, excrement, stereotypes, PCP, perversion and sadism*Arrogant perverted smiles which get at weaknesses and reduce self-esteem and self-worth in sodomy*Morality rewritten by sodomites and forced hospitalization or lobotomy or sterilization or institutionalization for opposing sodomy*In rewritten morality illegal and sociopathic behavior acceptability and passive with attraction and interest in not fetishism*Long planned betrayal and pre-discarding
a = Written and documented destruction and hard results oriented fascism and homosexuality and the adaptation of violence addictions*Perversion and blindness based functioning idealization*Gentleness in no relief and molestation*Begging in minor but fully augmented, essentially, planned and executed, sadism, piecemeal fake usefulness, petty and pedophilic grandiose and utterly pathetic, impotent and sadism and if blocked homicidal rage*Intelligence gathering and warning obsessed power hunger and fake productivity, with intention based failure, in grandiosity and insanity and lunacy with delusional incubus like delusions and grandeur with self-undoing but ambitious omnipotence in boredom and fantasy self-defeating *Perverted limpness in sadism and disgust excitation*Perverted integration attempts in adaptive progressive, non-linear fashions*The slough of prolonged agony*Tiny yet destructive half-destructive attempts at “omnipotence” through want of humanity destroyed in ignorance in service to bland fascistic restrained in sexuality and stereotypes and mental retardation and half-generosity sadism
f(x) = Perversion, Limpness and Molestation
Equals:  Depersonalization and Identity

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