Saturday, July 14, 2018

Future Poem

Mockery of everyone being friends, a child’s fantasy, but the only way it will work out, and who contributed and how much counted.

If you want to beat it out of someone, you can, for now and what will be belief and where shall we be, and no one alone in being behind or ill-informed on belief at the time, as universal friendship shall be widely acceptable, like a man on the moon. He who wants division often gets it and funds it is gold anywhere basically.

I have realized that everyone can be happy without competition and the establishment of a perfect hierarchy, in description agree through the Holy and foremost God, the perfect job in purpose, tailored for your purpose and permanent title that is based around your success and the perfect description of your purpose tailored in perpetuity and for eternity formed for infinite concern and knowledge of such each individual and mankind.

Now we can establish that approval, attention and communication (talking or being around someone) is not moral at certain times and moral at others, for safety concerns and the absences and elimination of sin and the exultation of virtue. And for all mankind and the brave and good ones within it and the sinners and vagabonds. As Jesus prophetically spoke.

But for now, it is lifting up and going through (treatment and evangelization) so mankind can rise.

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