Sunday, July 22, 2018

Growth of Intelligence in Personal Whole Growth and Potential

The growth of intellect stabilized corresponds to introspection and intelligent inner harmony, subverted and undone in manipulative incompetent manner, through the jealousy of the infantile old frequently who are perverted as well and have erotomania in their presentation to their victims and their victims are a roster of those that invoke jealousy, this is masochistic. This may be treated manually, and this extends to other forms of social and individual pathologies that are now deemed sub-clinical. Variable calculative reassignment to evil mechanically, towards the end of sin reduction to the end of recovery under close guidance and watch, the deployment of personal non-fluid chaos and fluid chaos operationalized in scientific definition and a centering on behaviorally associated chaos as the end result in carefully observed fashion, and finally an integral is formed as the end result becomes integrated into an equation that holds the behaviorally associated chaos in a monolithic or more accurately in integrity with expressively integrated properties held in this result and throughout the equation or in other words an near full integrity in representation. Self-reinforcing delusion can be broken through exposure to psychological tensor aggravating factors based in belief systems highly utilized in career-based behavior and analytical behavior most related to time-based activities, career being the foremost in most cases. Jealousy for instance as the basis for a self-reinforcing delusion as it is sexually exciting to the narcissistically related to passion stripping and ecstasy reassignment, perversion, skewing and deadening, and negativistically fashioned. Words become altered in a passionless address in order to inflict what should be known as dry torture, first day of school type, dry deadening torture of routine and corporate competition, exploitation and based in deceit, want of rape and molestation with a human face but underlying drive to make things stripped of their humanity and mechanical, driven only by arrogance gratification fleeing and spurts of perversion and maintenance and a remainder stacked upon the poor, with all smiles going to the patching of inferiority of the self-realizing defective and miserable mind, with dominance but no extinguishing plan formed, with brainwashing and productivity but no real good entailed only, the realization of which in victims causes submissiveness and vacillating tantrums. Seriousness but calculative primitive sadistic madness and a love of getting at “weaknesses” and turning people into robots and robotic thinking and torture the subjects of jealousy to the most ungodly torture imaginable in dry murderous minds with perpetual plotting. Their purpose was to structurize and leave but as the are stalkers to the normal and Holy they never leave in complete dependency. They are bored manipulative machines and they rejoice in the power they hold and always in the torture they can inflict by asymptotic thuggishness of a whimpering pathetic sort. Once again, they study one book their whole life think only in those terms of what is of the book and carry out it’s message in every action as the are deadened and lifeless and need the support of the material to carry out their miserable lives, but profess to be masters in all their functions, in genuine admittance, in corruption benefiting all-knowing pathological and fleeting and in arrogance returning grandiosity. They should be slaves to justice and reason and of the Holy but they are not because boredom all pervasive to them in the heights of their version of ecstasy. They have no reason to look at an equation as it is non-thuggery and depressing in their disgusting view. They must be made to self-nullify and they are purveyors of academic torture as to make the requirement as difficult as torture and the weakest people imaginable as they love regulation false and non-incontinuity for their idea of deserving and not. That which can be hidden like the travesty of the cheated and downtrodden and disadvantaged are acceptable to hurt in dry ecstasy also acceptable is going limp and the fascistic and murderous intentions but the prominent should be touched only indirectly to them. They think they are superior, in an absolute sense, as they are brainless masses basing worth on primitive scales like job and pay but a title can be mocked infinity by evildoers as some group or individuals can mock and a bank account endlessly as long as their are those that fit within worthless rules, and there are always those that can be found that can mock a title and bank account. They do not have to mock a title but just find hurtful insane things to say which is ok as long as you act the right way in public and conform to stereotypes perfectly and find anime and comic book characters to emulate and mimic. Remember you are not getting at "weaknesses" ... wait, you are because you are disgusting, perverse and insane and carved out a little niche for yourself and your crew as you know they are not weaknesses just openings for torture of those that show any kind of joy or comfort in their lives or day or moment. Ways to torture the unsuspecting with labels that are simple and so perfectly tailored in a stalkers mind to hurt the sensitive, meek or Holy. What worth is their in your lives? You are not human, period, coming from the guy's opinions that do not matter because he never published a paper or graduated college. And also has little money and no title.

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