Friday, July 6, 2018

Life and Love, Gentleness and of Change

Life God, work, virtue cleansing. All things received and internalized Good. And of memory; lovers most loving and terrible moments in sound mind exactly fight of time of really all in the changed memory of leaders, and the understanding of wrath. Love and Romance an Integral part of love is the generosity of reality serving the truth spoken in math and art.
Sexuality in bonding a passion and warmth, trust and holiness.
Gentleness, Awaiting touch reassurances and warmth and the exuberant of effective of it. sexual participation of an approval for dignity and suffering with the antithesis being unprovoked crime. Exploration of the Body and Warmth. The Human need for sparing, motivation and warmth, of another often accompanied by love.
Abounding smiles and show of understand grace and stability. Something that always so in perfect love. A vulnerability of injury made anxious and the utter trust and selflessness whereas roughness complicates this. Fusion of point and heart meddling
if gentleness is invoked. Growth in the soul catalyst of right made in rightful circumstance and of gentleness idealized and internalized a woman normal, strong and brave but rejection, in light of soundness, rejects which indicates an aversion to be drive by unknown all of me. Cleanliness and hope. Wrongful lust due to abuse and misguidedness.
Paranoia withered with obligation to Spare and the world pollution and callousness and sin and the universal adoption of gentleness and sensitivity as social protocol, and real beautiful unspoken law. Temperance in loving tolerance, and salvation begotten, and humorous guidance or stern when necessary are not playful. The Evil and macabre and antagonizing truth of hate inverted and expanded upon in inspiration and folly rewarded as basic skeleton.
Immutable bonding, sacrifice, worship sacrifice, worship, passion, empathy to suffer anything for your beloved.
Fulfilling the joys, oppression and naturally divine and pleasure of purpose. Casting out hopelessness and its evil root stripping of integrity and joy a day and life brings not passed by bleakness sometimes in sunshine. Alleviating row by grand belief of God’s, it never hurt you and you abandoned God yee of little faith and much selfishness and lying, plana for you and the absolute love and fortune he brings, in saving and lifting up in purpose. Victim blaming God is rapacious, hollow rage and shell becoming at sin’s stagnation. Nervousness and guilt the over blaming of oneself to minimize self being and wholeness instigated by false prophets.
Time conception malfunction, Equation: Integral equality: what once was sorrow and tormented in bleakness in Life inverting constantly as a function of time elapsed in human hands effort in destiny and faith good works and facts, and moral non-inference because God’s law is perfect.
The overflowing cup or drop in a pale of everything good come in instruction and faith, and numbers totally loyal and stay in discipline but the shamed knowledge that shall cease but a lost her overtook as. To do subtyped worship and the meaning in a (hope and faith found) liar or confused heart that that sin knowledge in valuable but virtue shall bring you nothing but good over and over (aside from the trappings of death in sins waging) and anti-sin but compassion to those that act out.
Internalization not just social norms but a skilled surgeon taking the higher purpose and fully internalizing then in time and for each in question
The act and beholding of love and virtue and stepping forward n bravery. The work naturally in sin non-contamination, Ease of the Father’s life in constant work, To take care of a child in sickness and overwork in husband or both. To find the utmost interest in law explained before a court and before God, and the Vatican if humility is of every protocol fixed. To learn knowledge to see a disturbed genius and if od selected him and he acts of virtue then bless him, To bless him of life and the emotional vision of the future. To be aware and have shame and to be near-monkeys consciousness learned but naturally inclined in both good and bad, evil good in fascism or to take on evil’s virtues and follow death To learn openly and lovingly and for the love of a son or daughter made divine and brought into the world for peace and purity.
And Evil known that work but contemplation and meditation to purpose and joy with embrace, how good is evil imitates in death and torture, glory because it is his way to mimic and gain power and the repentant have automatically.

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