Saturday, July 7, 2018

Christ, Morality and Leadership

Rejection from sin-imposed invalidity perception of themselves. Many victims of child abuse and those with judgment deficiencies are exposed to chemicals in utero that may be narcotics, and this impairs them leading to a life long struggle with medical treatment. The temperament is not especially irritable, as it can be seeming on the surface, but the ego attacked will invoke desperation and crying fits, dissociativeness and aggression if slighted or losing control and making unilateral decisions. This need for control and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can lead to forceful will and the reassurance in order and systematic functioning and change make someone developmentally with some autistic traits and automatically rejects people and expects returns on his behavior when they have profited but in a overall framework of self-undoing. To say they accomplish only evil is wrong they follow God but do not sacrifice their creativity or stimulating emotionality and get on medication, where this is a better state of being and of God’s plan, and if they become powerful which is determined by their drive and motivation they can inadvertently cause worship and the loss of medication use, because they preach not in the way of Christ but of Mammon as he used to be. Schizophrenia or the diagnosis of has been made to the most creative and successful of people but it is used by the wicked to oppress them. I actually have some schizophrenia symptoms at times they are minor, but it is manipulation and so forth. Can a king be made a king before time, right? Yes, but with each waking day he must prepare not see in themselves the answer for relief or happiness but in others. Their solitary nature guides them in humanity also does depression and a support structure, but they seem always to go back to selfishness. Somethings can only be reversed with time and effort the glory forward of orders is exhilarating in its progress, but a king unifies and serves and spend his waking moments thinking about doing good. There is no need to be embarrassed of such a thing for goodness is still in you but the Devil has the habit of loosening his grasp in integrity in orality, it is hard and fear and anxiety filled but the Devil must be managed until he has power after losing a great deal of it and the intrinsic good that man never shows except when he is bound to it immeasurably and draws upon the lessons of his own oppression by evil and others plight in the same. Perhaps a man who is a king but reluctant to gain integrity needs to work solemnly doing one task or actually inspiring people with his good in meetings and conversations of God and holiness and their life experiences and others sent in with stories, so a complete decision has been made. A man seduced by control will ignore certain things like the savior of legislative bodies and greeting with warmth the good deeds incarnate of his actions and morality and theirs as the only universal language. One must remain cognizant of the lies he has been told and as a king rise he orders sweeping change not bureaucratic change and list his demands and hands it off to a million email addresses and those responses are subtyped and analyzed. The plan is formulated. But the emails cannot be of one side and arguments settled in the output. AI's will be heavily implemented.

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