Thursday, July 19, 2018

Message to The Church

Formulation, tabulation and dispensation of custom and laws in study can be as dangerous, if not more dangerous that the lack of faith in itself, because it begins to provide the Church with a method of ease in leadership. Where virtues and the push for Holiness comes second or is defined as Holy, the rituals, the prayer, the packaging of message and generic customization.  It is easier to fall back on safe customs and message than to exalt virtues and the exalting and exercise of virtues can come in criticism and intellectualization of methods used in the pursuit of Holiness but tabulation of sins, tabulation of customs, tabulation of repentance translated to measure and actions of priests and cardinals which have narrow range in behavior, can lead to a passionless and overwhelming deafness in preaching or sermon-giving. Essentially what you have is a barren, minimal, and bleakness to your life giving and crucial expounded witnessing to the truth neglected and precedent worshiped. And all things of positivity like the minds of children are ignored for perverse controlling end. Denial and a picture enforced and augmented through thuggery and the collection of mass in power be viewed as criminal in tactics, and a non-asking of God, because you answer to your boss first, supposedly, but never God. And the actions of pedophiles is unholy, and their flight into the bastion of truth and Holiness is the Church and the Vatican but pedophiles tell you are at fault and you should lie and stop thinking their greatest fear is of the loss of lust and the truth telling of children and loss of their psychopathic lifestyle which lives in tyranny and sadism.  Invocation of suicide and guilt instilling gives them grandiosity in perversion and a usury of Holiness in intellectual representation, and the intelligence ideal, which is psychopathic in this case, which holds the key to actualization in partiality and fracturedness, is idealized, a manipulative intelligence in social acceptance. Pedophiles and child molesters are not part of the Church they are a segment that operate in secrecy but a flamboyant grandiosity demeanor and sickening presence, they hold it over the righteous that they are given power, but none sustains, they all perish, as no protection from God comes, only the blaspheming in his ways and the pathetic orders that come from their diseased and blasphemous lips. They will tell you, as a hesitant sodomite would that they have a job, and a title, and this holds over God and his Sons in delusional effeminacy and you cannot write the truth because you are not supposed to by their homosexual and mentally defective ways of sexual violence. They have no value and should be treated as such because they want sex slaves exclusively of the innocent because of their selection in fantasy. The code of pedophiles is not law except in action of enforcement sadism, it is not of God, ask them if they wish to have perfect law govern, the true law of God in every place, as will be, or what are they doing to what end, or what priest or cardinal wouldn’t want that. They will say, you cannot ask that question, with an effeminate look in their eyes, or of death or of infantile vulnerability amongst adults, as it is not up to our reptilian code in mimickery and evil humor, in exploitation of bureaucracy, and concrete power,  what awaits for them in hell for asking such a question is beyond words and the most Holy persecuted and made for leadership and one’s help, One of the Son of God, as they will lose themselves, and I say to any man not with the doors open in Heaven it shall cost you yourself.
Creativity in holiness is paramount, the posting of information, outreach and missionary works of good deeds are not small but holy rituals, not ordained or captive to the church in approval but holy to God, as God says need not the holy rituals as much as you need to live life in vibrancy and heal and bring the time foretold in the Bible as Jesus' Acts and Words shall reign supreme in the coming kingdom. And all shall know. Bring your own approved rituals of God to other's houses as you should but know that the words of Jesus such as "for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Matthew 7:8 ASV, describe the coming kingdom and all that Jesus said. And faith not respect lead me to Christ and we all climbed in faith in those days and the old ways but it was to know humility, but it brought restlessness of a sort and stagnancy as all things are in not the perfect will of God, and this through men his children.

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