Monday, July 16, 2018

One of The First Yet Progressive and Anticipated Hopeful Changes

Remember that even ordinary people do horrible things and their conscience must change, for it is the basis of the stability and growth of society, it is a mechanical yet Holy force, of divinity and owed honor and respect. Do not think that it is completeness if you use only your head for all of you and everything you bring brings things that come to pass but the evidence suggests good and evil and all of creation are at the mercy of individual will with gifts for all and some may squander or worse and some may save and rule. Some may waste their lives in Lust and Sloth, and some may repent so they sit in the place anointed for Kings. If one is not meek like Moses then leadership will be corrupted, and sin transpire, but what do all of us is an end to the bloodshed and war and to come to peace and prosperity with no violence but the deeds of the wicked shall be reformed by the kindness of beings and creation itself, as it brings miracles and torture by the deeds of liars and sinners. It is infectious and the wicked blame the innocent but stalk them to hurt their weakness and artillery it is, and bombs are their action and guns their intimidation, but the complexity boils down to a simple [principle and voice, “Me”. That is what they know above all else and to change what they have learned, and the structure of minds, hearts and souls will shift, and rewrite but the process shall be lengthy, and they shall be behind but the degree as to which is this is science is dictated by non-selfish acts and Holy acts. Never blessed, except by than the will of God in Charity and Employment of Good in Him, are the unholy. Of the Sinless made in choice and hardship we all will be, because the paths of the wicked are predictable yet crooked, but their lust for pain is difficult in their knowing self-defeating attempt at self-augmentation and improvement of a wicked sort, they operate on a set of simple principles and in time are marked worthless and capable of no status or were because they have been given in right, in the winds. Some are corrupt powerful, others, vie for a mission of delusional omnipotence and disorganized schizophrenic power illusion but the corrupt powerful understand them as they are cut from the same cloth and slaves, and think of a losing sort.

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