Monday, July 30, 2018

Rejection of God’s Will in Worship Seeking Abominable and Power

b = Restlessness and distraction*Need of neural alterations*Hedonistic circuitousness*Haltose spectrum*Self-esteem impairment*Healthy sexuality*Ideas and creativity*Conception of enemies*Drive in logic or feeling intellectualized*Hopelessness in gratification and power turned to megalomaniacal power*Harassment, penalties and tyranny briefing in pride
a = Army of malignant collaborators in nonsensical self-contradictory arrogant and prideful mission the accusation of immorality actually enjoyed in torture of the helpful and righteous*Want of inner death of the innocent*Tyranny of the terroristic in power the result of bribes and perversion and schemes made fraudulent face of authority obsession with generalized and morphs molestation and torture through real infiltration and example of corruption in actualized representation and deeds*Ill needed help and obsession through superioristic lifestyle self-affirming but of falsehoods and want of deviancy*Malignant narcississtic seeking in delusion of consequence of actions or spirit of the corrupt individual pain and retroactive malignancy achieved by wicked in authority*Seeing alternate infantile and antisocial reality as inverted impotent and moronic utopia with dictatorial placement of king as position of corrupt authority figure individual in fantasies*Love of impotent war and corruption hidden and grandiose and omnipotent*Dueling self-contradictory states of reality and law pedophilically stimulation
f(x) = Defiance of therapy and happiness with distraction of good in illness and a patch
Equals:  Rejection of God’s will in worship seeking abominable

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