Sunday, July 8, 2018

Religion and Pleasure

b = Compulsive pleasure seeking with stability and expected responsibility
a = Emptiness filled by holiness and in love and feeling come*Cling and grasping aside*A stopping with self-esteem removing labels unless of truth, plan and Holiness on your side*Jesus’ power of peace and love recovered*The adoration of the Holy Spirit*A friendship with God*The remaking of thoughts and efforts and standards of truth and decency which lovingly said do you want holiness? It would love to know you. We are all simple but wise in our own but to fulfill a life through your pen and throat comes words of revelation.
f(x) = The Processes of Intrinsic Peace, those that love in safety, and The Temperance Making or Improving processes
Equals: A Moment Filled with Holiness in Time Augmented

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