Monday, July 9, 2018

Sin, Exploration and Science and Faith

b = Exposure to psychopaths in unsafety, abrogation of God*Addiction to many sources of pleasure*Sinful Thoughts* Stymie of growth and life*Depression*Fake friends*Masochism*Self-Deception aided by sociopaths*Taking of innocence*Conflict*Impulsive*Borderline mimic condition
a = Hollowness in Hedonism*Disputes with the Pope and God*The false knowing what Is good for oneself*Infidelity*The tears of those who care*Covering up sins*Non-Committal to Universal Love*The false belief that someone should or can in good processes be discarded*Attraction to drugs and lust*Wrath and greed of people and pimps*Brainwashing when spreads*A formulated concept of mental and moral terrorism*An association that a lack of sinfulness in a situation which could be embarrassing, but impossibility unavoidable and spreads love betterment of mankind, should bring shame*Belief that the rules are written for the wicked because of many of them not legitimacy and uprightness or sacrifice intended*Possession and humiliation in pathetic disorganization cause of gratification with order through wickedness evidence of material made available*Perpetual and eternal discarding ensured*The rejection of the spirit and body of the repentant and alive again, Asmodeus, in faith concern defining oneself as a heathen*The brave are out in front with honesty and declaration to save and to give truth to bring the light*The evil ones are hidden in scheming a gleeful but miserable in their deeds hidden so no shall find them
f(x) = The Nature of Inverted and Non-Inverted and Negative Processes Holy Precepts in Variable Analysis Coupled With Addiction and The Perversion of Pseudo-Perversion of Such an Addiction(s)
Equals:  Precepts and Other Measures Expanded in Totality Integrated With The Concept of Behavioral Aspects and Underlying Principles and Dynamics of Each Individual Because of Addiction and Anarchy and Sin’s Relationships

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