Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Nature of the Structure Truth and Lies and Liars

b = The forethought based outcome that is perverse and detestable*Ill-fated plans*Political and universal corruptor*Building blocks of the Devil and the wicked *The unfortunate death is mourned because of many reasons and chiefly because of intreatability of disease, in prison or hospital*The currency and type of less subtypes crime individual or demographically*The corruption as a currency is an indicator of the redemption of man, in his effort*Demographic lies are the result of brainwashing and technology but they represent paradigm methods of torture with lies and lives as cogs*The psychopathic mind must process truth and lie and vehemently with anhedonia choose a physics and psychology based method and scheme sequential to trap the victim and punish him and some do it for the cause, social pressure or feeling(s) of defectiveness or inferiority*To ask a sinful question feeds lies but a rebuke and virtue remakes everything in beautiful ecstasy and design reminiscent of the Garden in Eden in Genesis*Lairs oppose the re-writing of the law perfectly as God would want it*They oppose a system of instruction and information dissemination and task system, subtyped alerts, reminders which runs on a risk to safety calculation with reward and/or accomplishing parameters.
a = The formation of social power and problems are truth and lies, lies minimized truths but truths are universal, some lie schemas (the formal definition of an evil manipulative scheme put into scientific terms) bring countries to power that but undoing of them in virtue brings it greater in absolute terms are lesser country are greater demands examination and tying and cutting of lie web, a sickening slogan divides in stupidity and intelligent humble work and a man joins nation so that they may  prosper in safety. The non-need for empty words and terms and the non-corrupted thought and their parameters in secret keeping opposed and in truth, promote individual thought*The playful and pure evil and gleeful, flamboyancy in power and tell lies is subject to God’s Power.
f(x) = The Nature of the Structure Truth and Lies and Liars Capable of Being Processed Into Models and This is Subject to Expansion in the Definition of Models Processing and Universal Meaning and Definition
Equals:  A Several Fractal Dimension (Crossover Effect in Fractal Dimensions) of the Nature of Lying in Encompassed in the Totality of all Dimensions Pertinent

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