Friday, July 20, 2018

The Politics of Faith

The modern position in Jewish people has become more centered and like what it was in the days of antiquity. For very long the Jews of modern eras deviated from principles of meekness, loving kindness and generosity, but as it stands now they have cradled society with their wisdom and raised it as their own with dissention but responsibility and grace. For some time, the path of Jews was geared towards a lack of introspection and some depersonalization and fractured identity. But as the modern era took hold a wave of unnatural feeling introspection, first incumbered by instilled, through persecution and bad decisions, self-loathing and guilt. The introspective mind has grown in this respect, but the identity diffusion of three Jews having to be one works for nothing but the time of battle and sometimes prayer. I personally had to sperate myself from my own people, the Jews and the Catholics, because it was not of God’s will I could not fully become either as I could not grow or become fully until the long separation, excruciating at first, was over. I remember when I made the decision not to be orthodox or conservative happened, it happened once in childhood and the other in Hebrew school, the second because of disorder and tyranny inflicted upon me. The overall mood in Hebrew school was one of self-proving rejection of me, because I did not stand in the path of those desiring their long-standing power and economic might and vices of all sorts. The Jews did not fail but some did, out of love of the world’s perversion and a mechanized abuse mentality and machine that withheld passion and all of the glory of God in his being, and this, they readily admitted was true. It was told to me several times that I am just unbearable in my faith and morality. There exists a horrible strain in Judaism of criminals and psychopaths who are drug addicts and whoremongers and of the most blasphemous sort, they are silent but evil machines the likes of which Belial would never have the imagination or mind to design. They are robotic, sadistic, loudly arrogant in quietness and quite frankly evil, disorganized and schizophrenic. There is no good in them as they are thugs for not even the Devil, but the satiation of tastes and fetishes. Their handlers and bosses are often the distorters and perverters of God’s word often discussed openly as a gleefully sadistic and arrogant loudness feed their lust for evil and love of sin because it is inherently defective in human beings but ethereally constitute, cogent and integrated. We face this but no one will deny that the passion of Jews makes no better home for a saint, but the methods of abuse and all abominable things must be driven out of the Jewish community, as this is our gain, and our path for years but luckily not eternity. Remember, a person can withhold relief for the world by taking it themselves constantly, is it possible if it is, is it a just killing in terms of the Bible.

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