Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Trials of Misery and Hope and Action

Of two sides there is an introduction of thug fear ideas and introduction of extreme ideas, An incestuous stakes-to-stakes relationship, Those lost of God’s Presence, believe, it is him who uses you. I propose as is Holy that, Preaching for God is the highest duty for a man on earth, the second is righteous action, no mediator and chaos between partisan bodies need be infused with scheme and the creeping of evil or established in unholy or morally compromised things.

Establishment power which is abused and the accompanying deviance cons itself into law precedent and protocols, along with law all forms of communication and language.

The embracing, not rejection, of the end of war and is our obligation to fulfill such a task, if we desire to be in fixed character and mind Holy. It is my firm belief that in time, all will become Saints, and meek, but power in work and a essence or Spirit by which impossible dreams happened, happen and opportunities arose, if you disagree, have you said God has taken a wrong step in any action or thought.

The use of immoral fascistic tactics the exploit childlike “weaknesses” are signs of antagonism for pure evil's end (abhorrent and intolerable, and coveted by tyrants) and the use of propaganda and ultimately rewriting morality (as an act and in doctrine) for viewership and slander, promoting and subconsciously implanting theatricality throughout the world, resulting in before and after an act, rationalization and masochism on a grand scale. The sinful act of quarreling which is so expanded it effects everything in the battlefield and the ghettos, and get you the opposite result.

The wicked or rather the rebellious, create a mimic-morality and makes existence surreal and the action of the histrionic and sadistic tendencies, in all implanted. So we all flourish, not, according to virtue, sinlessness and honesty, then we will deprecate one side and feed it misery, through many means, as is what has been done to both sides, and then take, from misery. The information pressure and teaching and knowledge gluttony is harnessed and made acceptable by conventional thought, but these in form become sinful and unholy, and these three sins have concurrent virtues of the same rock.

It is heartbreak that our side (one, but two in current formation) that tries so hard that uses immoral action and reinforce their moralistic conception, with conviction of Jesus, I have seen it happen, and in reality, all this bickering, and games playing, is of slightly repentant whore, in perpetuity and currently in place.

These are our teachers, and they have much to teach, and insanity is splitting in many ways, given divine being and purpose, analyzed and exploit traps deployed to pervert and corrupt the actualization and effect of divine being and purpose.

Together we are strong. Immoral tactics feed sin and causes it, and lies become common place in compulsion avoidant or histrionic or passion aggressive or depressive modes of think not understood, and that nullifies control and knowledge.

How many more shall we lose and let fall before God’s eyes, perhaps the rational in sinner glory should be sacrifice to their sin glory, with the justice they are owed. What makes a man is purpose, identity and God, and Heretical, and Heretical is deviating a not fundamentally assigning work to law which cannot be broken and is natural, cannot be broken, but we broke it, in style and trend. In the compromise in constitution of self, love and morality, and the opposing forces, programming and brainwashing and corruption, take hold and feed war and stagnation and deviant growth, who would want that anyway.

A man sacrifices his own faith and direction through con and loose thuggery of a debt collector. If we do not become two parties in Holiness and perfection and divine law on Earth, we shall all die inside, and the way of abomination and misery will happen, and the right path is of goodness and personal faith in mind and spirit.

Obama was a virtue in circumstance and time and he grew, and any punishment from evil he took to become more Holy, that is Holy.

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